Green's St. Louis directory :
188 St. Louis Directory. KEC-KEI
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Keck, Michael, cap maker , corcorner Second and Poplar
Kecaugh, John, wagon maker , nwnorthwest corcorner Twelfth and Carr
Keefe, James, drayman , wswest side Eighteenth, ssouth of Franklin avavenue
Keefe, James, grocer , eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Madison
Keefe, Michael, laborer , w of Twenty-second, on alley betbetween
Morgan and Christy
Keefe, Patrick, laborer , 8 Myrtle
Keeffe, John, laborer , 51 nnorth Seventh
Kecler, Daniel, 148 Biddle
Keogan, Elizabeth, widow, family grocer , corcorner Seventh and
Washington avavenue
Keegan, Patrick, family grocer , swsouthwest corcorner 14th and Morgan
Keehler, Herman, hatter , rear 187 nnorth Sixth
Keely, Michael, laborer , nwnorthwest corcorner Fourteenth and Car r
Keemle, Charles, (Keemle & Hager,) 26 Olive
Keenan, Catharine, widow, sssouth side Mullanphy, wwest of Main, rear
Keenan, Hugh, painter , swsouthwest corcorner Fifteenth and Chesnut
Keener, Andrew C, commission and forwarding merchant , swsouthwest
corcorner Commercial and Chesnut
Keenan, Peter, laborer , s of Cerre, on alley betbetween 5th and Sixth
Kcevil, William H., hat store , 297 Broadway, dw 75 nnorth 8th
Kecgal, Joseph, barber , 83 Morgan
Kehne, John, plasterer , wswest side Hamtramck, nnorth of Soulard
Kehner, Frederick, laborer , wswest side Ninth, nnorth of Biddle
Kehnmann, Gideon, baker , 142 ssouth Second
Kehoe, Margaret, widow, 65 ssouth Main, up stairs
Kehoe, Michael, plasterer , sssouth side Franklin av,avenue wwest of Nineteenth
Kehr, Adolph, Notary Public , 36½ Chesnut, ups,upstairs dw 55 nnorth 3d
Kchr, Elizabeth , widow, sssouth side Market, betbetween 16th and 17th
Kehring, Henry, riverman , wswest side Second, nnorth of Benton
Kchrman, Statius, clerk at 89 nnorth Main
Keil, Adam, tinner , 149 Carondelct avavenue
Kcil, Henry, turner , rear 216 Biddle
Keil, John, shoemaker , 2 Gay, up stairs
Keil, John F., 298 nnorth Eighth
Keil, Leonhort, butcher , wswest side Columbus, nnorth of Emmctt
Keil, Matthias, cooper , 51 Carondelet avavenue
Keilcr, Rapheal, clothing and buffalo robes , 46 nnorth Water
Keis, William, stone breaker , nsnorth side O'Fallon, wwest of 13th, upsupstairs
Keiscr, John, laborer , 229 nnorth Twelfth
Keim, Isaac H., (Lord & K.,) 53 Pine
Keim, John P., laborer , wswest side Sixth, nnorth of Rutger
Keim, Margaret, widow, rear 129 Franklin avavenue
Keim, William, laborer , 350 ssouth Second
Keimer, Herman, laborer , wswest side Columbus, ssouth of Barton
Keip, Charles, 291 ssouth Fifth
Keiscr, George, boarding house, 122 ssouth Second