Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory, 211 LEA-LEF
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Learned, Henry, ice dealer , 45 a Main, depot rear 7 Green
Leavenwortb, Francis P., M.D. , 180 Morgan
Leaver, Adoniram N., wswest side Seventeenth, nnorth of Biddle
Leavy, John, teacher , 54 ssouth Seventh
LeBeau, Andrew A., 153 and 166 a Main
LeBeau, Chauvin B., real estate Ag'tagent , 18 Washington av,avenue dw
swsouthwest corcorner Twenty-first and Twenty-second
LeBeau, John B., gunsmith , 153 and 165 ssouth Main
LeBeau, John B. Jr., silversmith and jeweller , 48 nnorth Second
Lebcr, William, riverman , 04 sSecond, up stairs
Lcblond, Andrew, 120 ssouth Third
LcBrun, Nicholas, family grocer , 140 ssouth Main
LeBrun, Nicholas, grocer , 205 ssouth Second
Lccht, John, mason , s of Miller, on alley, betbetween Jackson and
Leckc, John, porter , n of Biddle, on alley, betbetween 10th and 11th
Lecker, Christian, huckster , 206 nnorth Eleventh
Lccomptc, Cecilia, widow, sssouth side Mound, eeast of Broadway, up stairs
LeDuc, Joseph, dyer and scourer , 80 Olive
LeDuc, Louis, 30 nnorth Seventh
Ledyard, Samuel F., Sec'y State Mutual Ins.Co.Company , swsouthwest corcorner Main
and Olive, up stairs
Lee, Alfred, clerk at 96 nnorth Main
Lee, Andrew, shoemaker , 172 Franklin avavenue
Leo, Elliott, 157 ssouth Main
Leo, George, plasterer , 307 nnorth Ninth
Lee, James, family grocer , socorcorner Broadway and Mound
Lee, John, baker , depot rear 11 Washington a6v
Lee, John B., sail maker , 151 Washington avavenue
Lee, Joseph C., printer , Rcville, 20 Olive
Lee, Lucuis, m.d. , wswest side Main, nnorth of Madison
Lee, Ludwell, [c] vegetable cellar , dw 186 Morgan
Lee, Oliver, bricklayer , nsnorth side Spruce, wwest of Fourteenth
Lee, Rufus S., (L., Gage & Co.Company ) wswest side Tenth, nnorth of Spring
Lee, Thomas, 321 Morgan
Lee, William, ship carpenter , sweor Tenth and Warren
Lee, William, book binder , 87 Cedar
Lee, Gage & Co.Company , saw manuf'trsmanufacturers , eseast side Broadway, ssouth of Harrison
Lecchman, —sawyer , nwnorthwest corcorner Ninth and Wright
Leeds, Ellis A., (Judd& L.) wswest side Fifth, betbetween Wash and Can
Lceman, Samuel B., clerk at 132 and 134 Market
Lefcvre, Abram, coffee house, 163 ssouth Second
Lcfevrc, Nicholas, barber , 101 Market
LcfTmgwell, Andrew, (L. & Shultze) opp 186 Olive
Leffinewell, Hiram W., (L.& Elliott,) opp 186 Olive
Leffingwell & Elliott real estate brokers . 125 Cbesnut
Leffingwell. Shultze & Co.Company , surveyors and engineers , 127