Green's St. Louis directory :
224 St. Louis Direcotry. McC-McC
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McCauley, Thomas, "Planters' House," 50 nnorth Sixth
McCamant, James, real estate agent , 25 Olive, dwbs Morgan
w of Eleventh
McCarthy, Robert E., boot and shoe maker , 92 Market
McCaig, Ann, widow, 116 Market, up stairs
McCamant, Woodford W., pilot , nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of Eleventh
McCarren, Patrick, clerk at 160 nnorth Main
McCarty, Daniel, laborer , 261 nnorth Second
McClement, David, grocer , 249 Broadway
McClsre, Joseph, secorcorner Lewis and O'Fallon
McClurken, Thomas, (McC. & Co.Company ) nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway and
McClean, Jane, widow, wswest side Main, nnorth of Florida, up stairs
Mcciintock, William N., ship carpenter , sssouth side Chambers, wwest of
McClain, William, painter , nenortheast corcorner Eighteenth and Biddla
McCleain, George, wswest side Rosatti, ssouth of Lafayette
McClure, William, butcher , 113 nnorth Tenth
McCloud, Catharine, widow, 144 nnorth Sixth
McCluney, James, pattern maker , 144 Morgan
McClish, Robert, farrier , wswest side Moore, ssouth of Market
McClish, William H., riverman , wswest side Moore, ssouth of Market
McClung, James H., (J.H. & S.McC.) sssouth side Spruce, wwest of Thirteenth
McClung, Samuel, (J.H. & S.McC.) sssouth side Spruce, wwest of Thirteenth
McClung J.H. & S. , family grocers , 129 Market
McClelland, Scruggs & Co.Company , dry goods , 116 nnorth Fourth
McClelland, Matthew V. L., (McC.S. & Co.Company ) 116 nnorth Fonrth
McClelland, John, boarding house , 3 ssouth Third
McClung, Calvin M., (Morgan, McC. & Co.Company ) Planters'House
McClung, Franklin, clerk at 115 nnorth Main
McClurken, Samuel W., (McC. & Co.Company ) eseast side Fifth, nnorth of Wash
McClurken & Co.Company , dry goods and groceries , 273 Broadway
McCorkell, William, provis'nd'ler , nenortheast corcorner Broadway & Bates
McCortney, Noah, engineer , on Big Mound, eeast of Broadway
McCormick, Alexander W., carpenters , wswest side Tenth, betbetween Moat-gomery and Spring
McCormick, Samuel C., carpenters , wswest side Tenth, betbetween Moat-gomery and Spring
McCord, James H., engineer , nenortheast corcorner Tenth and Brooklyn
McCormack, Mary, widow, 184 Carr
McConoughy, Peter, drayman , rear 230 nnorth Seventh
McCoy, Lascelle, moulder , rear 154 ssouth Third
McCoy, Thomas, porter , wswest side Fifteenth, ssouth of Morgan
McCoy, Reuben, foundry , dw 143 nnorth Fifth
McCormick, Thomas, laborer , wswest side Thirteenth, ssouth of Market
McCoy, Delia Helen, dress maker , 180 Washington avavenue
McCormick J.L. & Co.Company , ice dealers , rear 8 Green, on alky
McCoy, James, edge tool manufacturer , 266 nnorth Second
McCrae, Alexander, carpenter , eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of Biddle