Green's St. Louis directory :
48 St. Louis Directory. BEI-BEN
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Beiland, August, tailor , eseast side 13th betbetween Wash and Can, up stairs
Beile, Sebastian, tailor , eseast side Fulton ssouth of Barry
Beilstein, Philip, laborer , 242 Franklin avavenue
Beins, Henry, tailor , n of Middle on alley betbetween 9th and 10th
Bein, Joseph, teamster , wswest side Broadway betbetween Wright and Soft
Beirdenkamp, Louisa, widow, eseast side of Jackson, ssouth of Emmett
Beirk, Martin J.. carpenter , 201 ssouth Second
Beirne, Thomas J., attorney , 36) Chesnut, up stairs
Beisel, Bernard, riverman , wswest side Fulton betbetween Carroll and Soulard
Beisswingert, Edward, watchmaker , 333 ssouth Fifth
Beckman, John, brickmaker , eseast side 9th betbetween Montg. and Warren
Bela, John, carpenter , wswest side Thirteenth betbetween Carr and fiiddle
Belcher, Charles, (B. & Zro.) boards at Planters'House
Belcher, George, sup. sugar refinery, corcorner Lewis and O'Fallon
Belcher, Joseph, painter , sssouth side O'Fallon betbetween Second and Collins
Belcher, William H., (B. & Bro.) boards at Planters' BelcherHouse
Belcher & Bro. , " Belcher's Sugar Refinery," nwnorthwest corcorner Lewis
and O'Fallon
Belesen, Alexander, [c] cook , eseast side Columbus, nnorth of Marion
Belger, Thomas, drayman , 229 nnorth Second
Belke, William, blacksmith , 189 Franklin avavenue
Bell, Daphne, widow, 195 nnorth Twelfth, up stairs
Bell, Ezekiel, carpenter , secorcorner Second and Biddle
Bell, George, engineer , wswest side Main betbetween Mullanphy and Howard
Bell, Hamilton, painter , 9 Orange
Bell, Sarah, widow, wswest side Thirteenth betbetween Carr and Biddle
BiddleBell, Simon, shoemaker , 332 Morgan, up stairs
Bell, Thomas, carpenter , 328 nnorth Seventh
Bell, William H., Major U. S.United States Army, U. S.United States Arsenal
Bell, William M., nenortheast corcorner Broadway and Hempstead
Bell, —, pilot 56 Gay
Beller, Albert, clerk at 144 nnorth Main
Bellis, Samuel B., wagon maker , eseast side Broadway, betbetween Bates and
Bellon, Elizabeth, milliner , 105 Franklin avavenue
Bellward, John, tailor , 8 Green
Beln, Jacob, tailor , 67 Myrtle, up stairs
Belstein, Henry G., (B. & Co.Company ) 33 ssouth Main
Belstcin H.G. & Co.Company , hardware and cutlery , 33 ssouth Main
Belt, Henry B., sheriff , e wing Court House, dw 184 Market
Belter, Henry, carpenter , wswest side 9th betbetween O'Fallon & Davis, rear
Beltrami, Anthony, painter , eseast side Rosatti, ssouth of Park avavenue
Beltzhoover, Frances, widow, sssouth side Orange, wwest of 12th, up stairs
Bembridgc, John, rear 292 nnorth Thirteenth
Bcmis, Fred. A., m.d. , nwnorthwest cor.corner Broadway and Green, up stsstreets
Bence, Herman, laborer wswest side Rosatti, ssouth of Carroll