Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 259 NIC-NIE
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Nichols, Frederick, butcher , wswest side Eighth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Nichols, John, Pine Mill, sssouth side Brooklyn, wwest of Broadway
Nichols, Richard, laborer , 20 Plum
Nichols, Sarah, widow, nsnorth side Benton, wwest of Twelfth
Nichols, Thomas, ship carpenter , wswest side 7th, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Nicholson, David, family grocer , secorcorner Fourth and Market
Nicholson, John, clerk at 128 nnorth Second
Nicol, Grace, widow, 91 ssouth Seventh
Nicholas, Jean Michel, carpet weaver , 241 Franklin avavenue
Nicolay, Christoph, tailor , wswest side Third, ssouth of Hazel
Nicolet, Henry L., printer , Republican, 11 Chesnut
Nicolet, Julien, watch maker , &c, 38 nnorth Second
Nicolet, —, M.D. , 143 ssouth Third
Nick, Adam, carpenter , w of 7th, on al. betbetween Carroll and Marion
Nidelet, Stephen F., 134 ssouth Fifth
Niebor, Francis, carpenter , wswest side Seventh, nnorth of Marion
Niedenfeuer, Carle, laborer , eseast side Seventh, nnorth of Marion
Niedner, Moritz, book and news office, about 75 Chesnut, upsupstairs
Nieenkemper, John H., drayman , eseast side Centre, ssouth of Market
Niegeman, Fred'k, barber and segar maker , wswest side 7th, nnorth of Barry
Niehaus, Bernard, cooper , secorcorner Park avavenue and Menard
Niebaus, Frederick, laborer , eseast side Seventh, nnorth of O'Fallon
Niehaus, Henry, tailor , rear 234 nnorth Eighth
Niehaus, Herman, laborer , wswest side Menard, betbetween Marion and Carroll
Niehaus, James, 144 Chesnut
Niehaus, William, teamster , wswest side Twelfth, ssouth of Benton
Nieheiser, William, laborer , sssouth side O'Fallon, wwest of Eighth
Niekamp, Henry, laborer , wswest side Thirteenth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Nieman, Frederick, shoemaker , 99 Second
Nieman, Henry, brickmaker , eseast side Buel, ssouth of Soulard
Nieman, Henry, laborer , eseast side Ninth, betbetween Labeaume & Hemnstead
Nieman, Herman, laborer , sssouth side Biddle, wwest of Eleventh
Niemeier, George, teamster , eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Niemeier, Henry, carter , nsnorth side Emmett, eeast of Jackson
Niemeier, Henry, laborer , 251 nnorth Thirteenth, up stairs
Niemeyer, Anton, brick maker , eseast side Ninth, betbetween Montgomery and
Niemeyer, Caspar, laborer , rear 254 Market, on alley
Niemeyer, Henry, dry goods and groceries , nwnorthwest corcorner Seventh and
Park avavenue
Niemeyer, Herman H., drayman , nsnorth side Davis, wwest of Thirteenth
Niemeyer, John, bell hanger, locksmith, &c., 140 nnorth Seventh
Nienaber, Herman, eseast side Thirteenth, betbetween Biddle and O'Fallon
Nienaber, Herman, carpenter , wswest side Twelfth, betbetween Carr and Wash
Niercon, Charles, cabinet maker , n of Biddle, on alley bet
Ninth and Tenth
Nierman, Frederick W., shoemaker , 253 nnorth Ninth