Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 277 POI-POP
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Poindexter, Marcellus C, 94 ssouth Sixth
Poindexter, Theodore, (S. & J. Witherell & Co.Company ) 46 ssouth 10th
Pointer, Mary, widow, 156 Market
Pointon, James, carpenter , 187 Morgan
Poirier, Francis B., (P. & Linhoff,) 24 ssouth Main
Poirier & Linhoff dry goods and groceries , 24 ssouth Main
Poliite, Louis, musicians , sssouth side Morgan, betbetween Eighteenth and Nineteenth
Politte, Stephen, musicians , sssouth side Morgan, betbetween Eighteenth and Nineteenth
Polk, Trusten, attorney , 79 Market, dw 166 nnorth Sixth
Polker, Bernard, tailor , s of Elm, on alley, betbetween Main & Second
Polkowski, Edward S., dry goods , 242 Broadway
Poll, Herman, teamster , sssouth side Marion,-w of Seventh
Pollak, Simon, m.d. , 132 Market, up stairs
Pollhaus, Philip, math.inst. maker , eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of Biddle
Pollitz, Frederick, clerk , 20 ssouth Tenth
Pollman, Frederick, laborer , e of Twelfth, on alley, betbetween Davis
and O'Fallon
Pollman, Herman H., laborer , nsnorth side O'Fallon, wwest of Thirteenth
Pollock, Henry, clerk at Hayden & Wilson's, Pine street
Polly, William, teamster , eseast side Second, betbetween Montgomery & Spring
Polz, Frederick Ernst, teamster , 17 Lombard
Pombiray, Charles L., (Laureal, Bros. & Co.Company ) corcorner Eleventh
and Chouteau avavenue
Pomeroy, Augustus D., (Darrah & P.) l7f nnorth Sixth
Pomeroy, Charles W., clerk at 55 and 56 nnorth Water
Pomeroy, Chester W., (P. & Andrews,) boards at Va. Hotel
Pomeroy & Andrews produce and commission merchants , nw
cor Morgan and Water
Pomeroy, Durkee & Co.Company , wholesale dry goods , 146 nnorth Main
Pomm, Henry, painter , 201 Franklin avavenue
Pommer, Frederick W., piano maker
Ponath, Frederick W., shoemaker , secorcorner Jefferson & Broadway
Pond, Charles D., clerk at secorcorner Main and Olive
Pond, Charles H., architect and builder , 119 nnorth Tenth
Ponneder, John G., laborer , sssouth side Wood, eeast of Jackson
Pons, Gustaf, bricklayer , 229 nnorth Ninth
Pontefract, James, cloth manufacturer , 305 nnorth Ninth
Poor, Michael, laborer , eseast side Main, betbetween Mason and Florida
Poorman, George, laborer , s of Cerre, on alley, betbetween 5th & 6th
Poorman, Henry B., carpenter , nsnorth side Carr, wwest of Fourteenth
Poos, William, sssouth side Franklin av,avenue betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Pope, Abraham F., (Lay & P.) 13 Collins
Pope, Charles A., m.d. , 129 Locust
Pope, Frank, [c] 129 nnorth Seventh, rear
Pope, Mary, wswest side Centre, ssouth of Market
Popp, John, laborer , wswest side Fulton, ssouth of Barry
Poppezin, Hermana, widow, eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of Carr