Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 289 RIC-RIG
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Ricker & Co , dry goods and groceries , 12 ssouth Main
Ricketts, Leonard, blacksmith , 346 nnorth Seventh
Ricketts, Rufus, (Clayton & R.) rear 32 Green, on alley
Rickerman, Jacob, porter , 142 nnorth Fifth, up stairs
Rickford, William, gas and steam fitter , 120 nnorth Seventh
Rickman, Mary, widow, wswest side Moore, ssouth of Market
Ricords, James B., (Mulford & R.) 6 nnorth Second
Reddick, Eliza M., widow, sssouth side Wash, betbetween 16th and 17th
Riddle, Alexander, lumber , secorcorner Broadway and Biddle, dw
sw cor Collins and Ashley
Rider, John, bricklayer , 172 Olive
Rideke, Henry, laborer , 244 Carr, up stairs
Ridenour, George, 72 Locust, up stairs
Ridgely, Franklin L., President Union Insurance Company ,
nenortheast corcorner Main and Olive, up stairs
Ridgely, Noah, boards at Planters' House
Ridgway, Joseph, nwnorthwest corcorner Seventh and Walnut
Ridgley, Richard, gas manufacturer , secorcorner 20th and Morgan
Ridgley, Stephen, gas manufacturer , 69 Locust, boards at City Hotel
Riding, Christopher, tinner , secorcorner Fourteenth and Market, upsupstairs
Rie, Thomas, drayman , swsouthwest corcorner Twelfth and St. Charles
Riecke, Francis H., carpenter , eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of Carr
Rieckman, Henry, laborer , 197 nnorth Eighth
Riede, Louis, beer house, 100 ssouth Fourth
Riedel, Valentine, tailor , nwnorthwest corcorner Fifth and Morgan
Riederer, Gregory, vinegar manufacturer, nsnorth side Market, wwest of 14th
Riedl, George, laborer , eseast side Kosciusko, ssouth of Lesperance
Rieger, L., farrier , 311 ssouth Third
Riehl, Edward, soap and candles , 174 Carondelet avavenue
Riehl, Eugene, family grocer , nwnorthwest corcorner Seventh and Gratiot
Riehl, Joseph, soap and candles , secorcorner Eighteenth and Market
Riepsam, John, laborer , eseast side DeKalb, ssouth of Lesperance
Rierding, John, carpenter , sssouth side Soulard, on alley betbetween Jackson and
Riesat, —, eseast side Jackson, nnorth of Lafayette
Ries, John, blacksmith , 182 Wash
Riesenk, Henry, teamster , sssouth side Labeaume, wwest of Broadway
Rieser, Christoph, mason , nsnorth side Emmett, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Riess, Rev.Reverend John J., wswest side Fifteenth, nnorth of Carr
Riesz, John, laborer , wswest side Thirteenth, betbetween Carr and Wash
Rieter, Charles, carpenter , sssouth side Marion, wwest of Seventh
Rieterer, Sebastian, laborer , eseast side Buel, ssouth of Soulard
Riffle, Louisa, widow, 40 Gay
Rigley, John, well-digger , rear 230 nnorth Eleventh, on alley
Rigdon, Charles H., scale manufacturer , 82 nnorth Second
Riggin, John, (Austin &. R.) nwnorthwest corcorner 14th and Franklin avavenue