Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 293 ROC-ROH
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Roche, William, gent's furnishing store , 77 nnorth Fourth
Rock, John, drayman , nsnorth side St.street Charles, wwest of Tenth
Rock, Philip, "Custom-House," 258 Broadway
Rodde, Joseph, tailor , rear 193 ssouth Second
Roddy, James, laborer , 215 nnorth Thirteenth
Roden, Thomas, drayman , nsnorth side Anna, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Rodengarten, Jacob, shoemaker , 66 Plum
Rodert, Frederick, drayman , nenortheast corcorner Fourteenth and O'Fallon
Rodgers, Joseph, mason , nenortheast corcorner Tenth and Spring
Rodhenberger, Daniel, woollen manufacturer, nenortheast corcorner Seven-
teenth and Biddle
Rodier, Pierre C., M.D. , 249 ssouth Second
Rodrock, Zedekiah, carpenter , eseast side Fifteenth, ssouth of Market
Rodt, Joseph, tailor , 35 Morgan
Rogan, James, tailor , rear 84 Chesnut
Rogers, Ann, widow, 188 nnorth Ninth
Rogers, Anna, widow, 275 ssouth Fifth, up stairs
Rogers, Charles, steamboat captain , nsnorth side Pine, wwest of Twelfth
Rogers, Charles, (R. & Barney,) boards at Planters' House
Rogers, Charles L., book-keeper , at 15 nnorth Water
Rogers, Francis, livery , 27 Franklin av,avenue dw 171 nnorth Fifth
Rogers, George, (G. & W. Rogers,) 74 nnorth Commercial
Rogers, James A., Justice Sixth Ward , office swsouthwest corcorner Broadway
and Mullanphy
Rogers, James A., (Carr & R.) dwsssouth side Madison, wwest of Broadway
Rogers, John, carpenter , 311 nnorth Seventh
Rogers, John, laborer , sssouth side Biddle, betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Rogers, John P., M.D. , nwnorthwest corcorner Fourth and Olive, up stairs
Rogers, John H., printer , Republican, 11 Chesnut
Rogers, Joseph P., (Matlack & R.) sssouth side Washington av, w of 6th
Rogers, Julius, pattern maker , eseast side Twelfth, ssouth of Franklin avavenue
Rogers, Patrick, M.D. , nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway and Morgan, upsupstairs
Rogers, Rebecca F., widow, nsnorth side Benton, wwest of Broadway
Rogers, Samuel, (R. & Birkhead,) 260 Morgan
Rogers, Thomas, carman , 268 Morgan
Rogers, William, (G. & W. Rogers,) 74 nnorth Commercial
Rogers, William, carpenter , eseast side Seventeenth, nnorth of Biddle
Rogers & Barney wholesale hardware & cutlery , 154 nnorth Main
Rogers & Birkhead tin and coppersmiths, &c. , 261 nnorth Main
Rogers, G. & W., wholesale grocers and liquor dealers , 74 nnorth
Robe, Lambert, plasterer , sssouth side Soulard, betbetween Menard and Rosatti
Rohletter, Frederick, ragman , s of Marion, on alley betbetween Ro-
satti and Menard
Rohlf, Henry, family grocer , wswest side 13th, betbetween Spruce and Poplar
Rohlfing, Frederick, laborers , nenortheast corcorner Sixteenth and Davis
Rohlfing, William, laborers , nenortheast corcorner Sixteenth and Davis