Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 299 RYA-SAL
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Ryan, Martin, laborers , as Pine, wwest of Fifteenth
Ryan, Michael, laborers , as Pine, wwest of Fifteenth
Ryan, Patrick, riverman , secorcorner Main and Ashley
Ryan, Patrick, laborer , nenortheast corcorner Ninth and Mullanphy
Ryan, Patrick, laborer , wswest side Twelfth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Ryan, Patrick H., dry goods and clothing , 211 Broadway, dw
es Eighth, ssouth of Morgan
Ryan, Patrick, 127 Green
Ryan, Patrick, drayman , wswest side Collins, ssouth of Carr
Ryan, Philip, laborer , wswest side Eighth, ssouth of Washington avavenue
Ryan, Richard, drayman , wswest side Main, betbetween Howard and Mound
Ryan, Thomas, porter , at 147 nnorth Main
Ryan, Thomas, (Waterman & R.) 195 Locust
Ryan, Thomas, carpenter , nsnorth side Howard, wwest of Main
Ryan, Thomas, porter , rear 131 Biddle
Ryan, Timothy, laborer , eseast side Main, ssouth of Cedar
Ryan, Walter, laborer , nsnorth side Wash, betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Ryan, William, laborer , 332 nnorth Eighth
Ryan, William, eseast side Jackson, ssouth of Barton
Ryan, William, drayman , 182 nnorth Ninth
Rychlychki, John K., clerk in Surveyor General's office, dw
144 nnorth Eleventh
Ryder, Patrick, 136 Walnut
Ryder, Patrick F., 180 Olive, corcorner of Eighth
Ryland, Edwin M., commission merchant , 124 nnorth Second
Saal, Frederick, barber , 115 Carondelet avavenue
Saal, John, milkman , sssouth side Emmett, wwest of DeKalb, on alley
Saalfreuk, John H., laborer , sssouth side Marion, eeast of Fulton
Sabers, William H., laborer , wswest side Menard, ssouth of Marion
Sachleben, Frederick, 268 nnorth Seventh
Sachse, William, clerk , at swsouthwest corcorner Main and Market
Sack, John, cooper , eseast side Fifth, ssouth of Rutger
Sack, John, laborer , nsnorth side Duchouquette, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Sackhoff, Frederick, shoemaker , nenortheast corcorner Jackson and Lami
Sadler, Jame s, comb maker , 320 nnorth Eighth, up stairs
Safford, Alfred B., book-keeper at 22 nnorth Water
Sage, Cornwell, (S. & Webster,) nsnorth side Wash, betbetween Ninth & Tenth
Sage & Webster builders and superintendents , wswest side Seventh, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Sager, August H., teacher , wswest side Fifteenth, nnorth of Carr
Sagner, Albert, coach painter , 96 Myrtle
Saleanor, Feroneka, widow, s of Miller, on alley betbetween Jackson
and Columbus
Saler, Francis, lumber , 20 Carondelet av,avenue dw 325 ssouth Third
Salisbury, S. C., hemp & rope maker , eseast side Columbus, oppopposite Lami
Salisbury, Thomas L., Sec'ry Home Mutual Ins.Co.Company , 120 nnorth 3d