Green's St. Louis directory :
320 St. Louis Directory. SIM-SIV
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Simon, John, laborer , sssouth side Marion, wwest of Seventh
Simon, Henry T., salesman at 97 nnorth Main
Simon, Wolf, (S. & Co.Company ) 38 Market
Simon & Co.Company , watches, jewelry , &c, 38 Market
Simonds, John, (Kennett & Co.Company ) 19 nnorth Water
Simons, E. G., wines and liquors , 79 nnorth Commercial
Simons, John, 184 Franklin avavenue
Simons, S., township constable ; may be found at the office of
John H. Watson, Esq., law commissioner, 111 Chesnut
at the offices of Justice Butler, 28 Oliye, of Justice Lang-
ton, 79 Morgan, and at the office of Justice Wetmore,
where he will attend to the collection ot rents and other
bills. Dwelling, es Twelfth, betbetween Pine and Olive
Simpson, Handley, shoemaker , 112 Green, up stairs
Simpson, John, butcher , eseast side Ham, ssouth of Chouteau ay
Simpson, John, 184 Franklin avavenue
Simpson, John G., clerk at 130 nnorth Fourth
Simpson, John H., book-keeper at 120 nnorth Main
Simpson, Robert, carpenter , sssouth side Mound, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Simpson, Robert, President Savings Institution , dwnsnorth side Elm,
betbetween Third and Fourth
Simpson, Thomas, laborer , eseast side Eighth, betbetween Davis and O'Fallon
Simpson, William M., (Cox & Co.Company ) boards at MonroeHouse
Simpson, William R., artist , 73 Market, up stairs
Sims, Patrick, carpenter , 227 nnorth Ninth
Sinclair, Elizabeth, widow, eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of Carr
Siner, Peter, eseast side Ninth, betbetween Webster and Labeaume
Singer, Bernard, dry goods and clothing , 223 Carondelet avavenue
Singer, George, laborer , 328 ssouth Fifth
Singer, James, eseast side Broadway, nnorth of Benton
Singer, John, beer house , eseast side Jackson, ssouth of Marion
Singer, John, 94 ssouth Second, up stairs
Singer, Peter, carpenter , sssouth side Morgan, wwest ofTwcnty-third
Singleton, Henry, U. S.United States Hull Inspector and Port Warden , 86
n Eighth
Singleton, W'illiam R., civil engineer , 86 nnorth Eighth
Sinsless, Billoudconfectioner .eseast side Main, ssouth of Cedar
Sipp, Adam, carpenter , nsnorth side Lami, eeast of Jackson
Sippcl, Henry, carpenter , swsouthwest corcorner Eighth and Davis
Sippel, Michael, laborer , rear 244 nnorth Thirteenth
Sire, Joseph A., (P. Chouteau, Jr. & Co.Company ) 131 Olive
Sires, William, carpenter , eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of O'Fallon
Sisters of Charily , swsouthwest corcorner Sixth and Walnut
Sisters of the Good Shepherd , nwnorthwest corcorner Menard and Marion
Sittig, Jacob, painter , 360 ssouth Second
Sividie, Daniel, carpenter , wswest side Sixteenth, het Riddle and Carr
Sivier, Caspar H., laborer , 313 ssouth Third