Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 325 SMU-SOU
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Smuke, Elizabeth, widow, 58 M Ceder
Smyth, Isaac S., clerk , dw 204 nnorth Savattta
Smyth, Michael, coffee boose, 181 Moron
Sneethen, Rev.Reverend Richard, swsouthwest corcorner 14th and Gay
Snitzer, Valentine, shoemaker , opp 176 Wash
Snodgrass, Alvan, bricklayer , nenortheast corcorner Tenth and Gtatiot
Snodgrass, Isaac, Marine Railw. , nsnorth side Brooklyn, wwest of Broadw'y
Snooks (or Schnooks,) Fred. , laborer , corcorner 9th and O'Fallon
Snow, E. H.. salesman etS.H. Peake's
Snow, James, mate , nenortheast corcorner Broadway and Webster ssouth
Snow, Robert B., druggist , 197 nnorth Main
Snowbill, Levi S., wines, liquors, cigars, ore, 123 nnorth Fourth
Snyder, Julius, clerk at 140 nnorth Main
Snyder, Samuel K., coffee house, eseast side Broadway, betbetween Howard
and Mound
Snyder, Sarah, widow, 110 Washington avavenue
Snyder, Thomas W., stoveB and tinware, 147 nnorth Third
Seder, Martin, apothecary , 298 ssouth Fifth
Soderer, Aloes, family grocer , swsouthwest corcorner 24th and Franklin avavenue
Soderer, August, wine and liquor dealers , 35 Sproce
Sorder, John, wine and liquor dealers , 35 Sproce
Sætebier, Henry, laborer , rear 180 Biddle, on alley
Sætkamp, Henry, laborer , sssouth side Carroll, eeast of Decatur
Solari, John, fruit store, 71 nnorth Second
Solter, William, riverman , 102 ssouth Third
Solway, N., blacksmith , secorcorner Eighteenth and Morgan, upa
Somer, Philip, quarrier , sssouth side Anna, wwest of Columbus
Somorville, Michael, tailor , 243 ssouth Second
Sommers, Bernard, South Market Tavern, 241 ssouth Fourth
Sommers, Christian, teamster , nsnorth side Calhoun, wwest of Hamtramck
Sommers, Harrison, engineer , swsouthwest corcorner Seventeenth and Carr
Sammer, John W., tailor , 277 ssouth Third
Sommers, Joseph, teamster , 360 6 Fifth
Sommers, Patrick, clerk at 52 nnorth Water
Sommers & Abel dry goods and groceries , 243 ssouth Fourth
Sonderman, William G. C, shoemaker , nenortheast corcorner 13th & Biddlo
Sondermeier, Mariah M., widow, rear 116 Wash, on alley
Sopfile, Francis, eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Soulard, Henry G., swsouthwest corcorner Soulard and Hamtramck
Soulard, Nelson, [c] 53 nnorth 7th
Southack, Francis W., book keeper at 149 nnorth Main
Southaek, Joseph, clerk at 66 nnorth Main
Southall, —, mate , rear 239 Wash, on alley
Southard, Morris, baker , nenortheast corcorner 17th and Christy avavenue
South Market Feed Store and Hay Press , A. C.Cordes, , 279
s Fifth
Southwick, Thomas, distiller , rear 91 Mulberry, on alley