Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 333 STI-STO
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Stilger, Jacob, laborer , eseast side Fourteenth, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Still, James, tailor , nsnorth side Ashley, betbetween Second and Collins
Stillman, Henry B., riverman , 257 Green
Stillman, Weadon, finisher , wswest side Main, nnorth of Biddle
Stimler, -cook, nsnorth side Myrtle, wwest of Main, up stairs
Stimmler, David, cabinet maker , 239 nnorth Ninth
Stimmler, John, stone dresser , 317 ssouth Fifth
Stimson, Charles G., shoemaker , eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of O'Fallon
Stinde, Conrad, clerk at 84 nnorth Main
Stine, Charles W., grocer , 107 nnorth Fourth, dw rear 65 ssouth Tenth
Stingel, Andreas, laborer , s of Carroll, on alley, betbetween Jackson and Columbus
Stingel, John, nsnorth side Wash, wwest of Fifteenth
Stinger, Anton, laborer , nsnorth side Mullanphy, eeast of Main, up stRirs
Stinger, George, cooper , nsnorth side Wash, wwest of Fifteenth, up stairs
Stins, Nieier G.. widow, sssouth side Rutger, wwest of Seventh
Stith, James W.. clerk at 55 and 56 nnorth Water
Stoak, Henry, wood huckster , nenortheast corcorner Ninth and Carr
Stobie, William, clerk at Planters' Mill, dwnsnorth side Franklin avavenue , wwest of Thirteenth
Stock, Dominick, shoemaker , 57 nnorth Second, dwsssouth side Myrtle, eeast of Second
Stock, Frederick, printer at 16 nnorth Third
Stock, Henry, wagon maker , sssouth side Biddle, wwest of Fifteenth
Stock, Joseph, carpenter , nwnorthwest corcorner Fifteenth and Pine
Stock, Joseph, printer , 60 ssouth Fifth
Stock, Stephen, OregonBrewery, , wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Barry
Stock, Vincent, cigar manufacturer , 170 Carondelet avavenue
Stocke, George V., family grocer , nsnorth side Geyer, wwest of 2d Carond.avavenue
Stocke, Peter, laborer , secorcorner Carondelet avavenue and Trudeau
Stocker, William H., cooper , secorcorner Ninth and Brooklyn
Stockho, Christian, grocer , swsouthwest corcorner Eighth and Carr
Stockmeier, William, laborer , 250 nnorth Eleventh, up stairs
Stockton, Ann, widow, 289 nnorth Twelfth
Stockton, Bishop, Bartling House, wswest side Third, betbetween Pine& Olive
Stockton, Edward, riverman , wswest side Seventh, nnorth of O'Fallon
Stockton, Joseph, bricklayer , 283 nnorth Tenth, up stairs
Stoddard, John, mason , rear 277 nnorth Tenth
Stoddard, G., printer at Union , 35 Locust
Stoddard, William R., wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Hickory
Stoerke, Gertrude, widow, wswest side Menard, ssouth of Lafayette
Stohlle, Caspar, mason , wswest side Thirteenth, nnorth of Biddle
Stohlter, Rudolph, teamster , wswest side Ninth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Stohn, David, laborer , nenortheast corcorner Carondelet avavenue &. Duchouqustte
Stoker, Joseph, stone cutter , eseast side Linn, nnorth of Soulard
Stokes, Keziah, [c] wswest side Fourteenth, ssouth of Spruce
Stoll, Jacob, laborer , rear 307 ssouth Third