Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 343 THO-THO
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Thomas, Thomas G., plumber , 99 Olive, dw 99 ssouth Fifth
Thomas, William, (Thomas & Co.Company ) Bellafontaine road
Thomas, William, superintendent sectional floating dock , se
cor Lewis and Ashley, dwwswest side Sixth, nnorth of Franklin avavenue
Thomas & Thornton livery , 66 and 68 Walnut
Thomas & Co.Company , groceries, fruits , &c, swsouthwest corcorner Second & Olive
Thompson, Alexander M., (Cline & T.) 92 Chesnut, up stairs
Thompson, Charles P., tailor , 157 Carr
Thompson, Charles L., clerk at 115 nnorth Main
Thompson, Corbin, swsouthwest corcorner Broadway and O'Fallon
Thompson, Daniel S., (T. & Lammey.) boards at Mo.Missouri Hotel
Thompson, Francis, pump &amp ; block mker , eseast side 9th, nnorth of O'Fallon
Thompson, Francis W., wh. grocer , 6 nnorth Water, dw 146 Myrtle
Thompson, H. B., clerk at 153 nnorth Main
Thompson, James K., dry goods and groceries , 8 Market, dw
144 Myrtle
Thompson, James L., commission merchant , dw 146 Market
Thompson, James, printer , Reveille, 26 Olive
Thompson, John, bricklayer , eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Park av
Thompson, John, druggist , dw 88 Myrtle
Thompson, John B., attorney , 97 Chesnut, dwsssouth side Washington
avavenue , wwest of Second
Thompson, Miss Margaret, boarding house , 114 nnorth Fourth
Thompson, Martha, widow, boarding house, 91 Olive
Thompson, Nancy, 75 ssouth Third
Thompson, Neil, sheet iron worker , nsnorth side Bates, eeast of Main
Thompson, Phineas J., hosiery and trimmings , 90 Market
Thompson, Raphael W., carpenter , 120 Walnut
Thompson, William, blacksmith , eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Thompson, William W., carpenter , e of Eighteenth, on alley,
s of Franklin avavenue
Thompson, Williamlead pipe manufacturer , 136 ssouth Fifth
Thompson & Lammey merchant tailors , 177 nnorth Main
Thomson, Jane, widow, 177 Walnut
Thomson, John, cupper and leecher , 130 Locust
Thomson, John Smwholesale grocer , 28 nnorth Water, dwnwnorthwest corcorner
Ninth and Locust
Thomson, Joseph, carpenter , 177 Walnut
Thone, Henry, baker , eseast side Buel, ssouth of Lafayette
Thorburn, John, 185 nnorth Sixth
Thorn, Neil, laborer , nwnorthwest corcorner Seventh and O'Fallon, up stairs
Thornburg, Benjamin, pilot , nsnorth side Hickory, wwest of Paul
Thornburg, Eli, nsnorth side Green, betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Thornburg, Joshua, brickmaker , eseast side Collins, nnorth of O'Fallon
Thornburg, Josiah, deputy clerk county court , nsnorth side Chesnut, wwest
of Twelfth
Thornburg, Robert, painter ,*sssouth side Biddle, wwest of Sixteenth