Green's St. Louis directory :
344 St. Louis Directory. THO-TIL
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Thornburg, R., painter , nsnorth side Cherry, eeast of Main
ThornbureWill, ftam A., painter , 222 nnorth Sixth / . i'r
Thome, William E., (Brainexd fit T.) 128 nnorth Four* . T
Thornton, John, laborer , wswest side Eighth, betbetween Davis-and Otallon
Thornton, John F., (Thomas & T.) 151 ssouth Third
Thornton, Joseph W., sec'y . Boatmen's Savings lost., 52 nnorth 2d
Thornton, Richard, baker , 179 Green
Thorp, James, drayman , 226 Carr
Thorp, Stokes, nenortheast corcorner Fifteenth and Market
Thorp, William, blacksmith , eseast side Seventeenth, nnorth of Biddls
Thorpe, George H., engraver , 40 nnorth Second !&gt
Threer, John, blacksmith , 225 Franklin avavenue
Throckmorton, Joseph, agent Tennessee Fire and Marina In-
surance Co.Company , 128 nnorth Main, upsupstairs , dwsecorcorner Ninth & Locust
Thorp, John, carpenter , sssouth side Washington ay, betbetween Second and 3d
Thuemel, John, mason , s of Barry, on alalley
betbetween 7th and Fulton
Thuman, John, teamster , rear 140 nnorth Fifth
Thurbur, Edward, commission merchant , Commercial, nnorth of
Vine, dwnwnorthwest cor Sixteenth and Clark avavenue
Tibbe, John, tailor , 196 nnorth Eighth, up stairs
Tice, Jacob, brickmaker , nsnorth side Brooklyn, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Tice, John H., secretary board public schools and notary pub-
lic , dw 229 nnorth Thirteenth
Tice, John H., " Robinson House,'" 105 nnorth Water
Tiebout, Jerome, teamster , nsnorth side Wright, wwest of 9th, rear, up stairs
Tieke, William, laborer , s .of .O'Fallon, on alley betbetween Tenth
and Eleventh
Tieman, Herman, cabinet maker , 312 .s Second
Tiemeier, Conrad, segar maker , swsouthwest corcorner Seventh and Hickory
Tiemeyer, Adam, nwnorthwest corcorner Ninth and .Carr, up stairs
Tiepel, Christian H., shoemaker , wswest side Broadway, nnorth of Wright
Tieman, Abigail, widow, swsouthwest corcorner Seventh and Green
Tieman, Matlin, laborer , nsnorth side Cedar, & of Second
Tieman, Peter, measurer , eseast side Seventh, betbetween Gratiotapad Cerre
Tietenbrunn, Francis, plasterer , 56 Convent
Tiffany, P.Dexter, attorney , wjs FiftJj.het Morgan and Frank-
lin avavenue
Tighe, Michael, drayman , wswest side Seventh, rj of Davis
Tighe, Philip, riverman , rear 134 Green
Tighe, William, 161 ssouth Fifth
Tigue, Patrick, laborer , 215 nnorth Ninth
Tilden, John, (Davis, T. & R.,) 236 Locust
Tilden, Richard S., (T. & Dwyer,) nsnorth side Locust, wwest of Eighth
Tilden & Dwyer tin and coppersmiths , 6zc, 119 nnorth Main
Tilford, William H., (Walton & T.,) se cor4th and Market
Tilford, Samuel, upholsterer , 42 nnorth Second, dw 146 Elm
Tilkemeier, William, blacksmith? nsnorth side Wash, betbetween 5th and 6th