Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 347 TOU-TRO
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Tournat, Peter, carpenter , na Cedar, betbetween Third and F earth
Tower, George F., (Potmen t T.)86 nnorth Main
Town, Jeremiah, clerk at 258 Broadway," Custom House"
Townsend, Benjamin F., wire worker , 144 nnorth Second, dw 363
Townsend, Furlum, laborer , nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of Twenty-fourth
Town, send Isaiah, clerk , sssouth side Pine, wwest of Thirteenth
Townsend, Rev.Reverend James B., 22 St. Charles, swsouthwest corcorner Eighth and
Washington avavenue
Townsend, Richard B., clerk at 115 nnorth Main
Towsing, J. W., 202 Broadway, up stairs
Towson, James, clerk at 128 nnorth Fourth
Toy, Daniel V., shoemaker , nsnorth side Bates, eeast of Main
Toy, John, laborer , 274 nnorth Main
Toyle, Patrick, laborer , rear 129 Biddle, on alley
Tozer, Charles, carpenter , eseast side Sixth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Trabue, Daniel, (T. & Patton,) swsouthwest corcorner Collins and Bates
Trabue & Patton commission merchants , 18 nnorth Water and 36
Tracy, Augustus E., clerk at 70 and 72 nnorth Main
Tracy, Edward, City Auditor , 97 ssouth Fifth
Tracy, George W., clerk at secorcorner Main and Olive, up stairs
Tracy, Julia, widow, sssouth side Wash, betbetween Eleventh and Twelfth
Tracy, Mary, widow, sssouth side Orange, wwest of Twelfth
Trainer, Abraham, hatter , 108 nnorth Main
Trainer, Francis, (Catlin&T.) eseast side Fifth, nnorth of Wash
Trainer, James, laborer , rear 241 Wash, on alley
Trainer, John, bricklayer , wswest side Bogy, nnorth of Cherry
Trampe, Caspar H., teamster , eseast side Thirrteenth, nnorth of Carr
Trampe, Frederick, laborer , wswest side Twelfth, nnorth of Carr
Tranel, Herman, tailor , 119 Morgaa, up stairs
Trask, George, furniture rooms , 157 nnorth Fourth, dw 358 Morgan
Traube, Conrad, riverman , n of Convent, on al.alley betbetween 3d and 4th
Trauber, Edward, tailor , eseast side Fifth, ssouth of Rutger
Treadway, James H., britannia ware manufacturer , sssouth side Brooklyn,
w of Tenth
Treat, Hon Samuel, Judge Common Pleas , nsnorth side Olive, wwest of 10th
Trefz, Daniel, baker , 253 ssouth Second
Treher, Caspar, stonecutter , eseast side Sixteenth, nnorth of Wash
Trekel, Martin, baker , sssouth side Wash, betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Trevor, Albert, moulder , eseast side Centre, ssouth of Market
Tribbe, Henry, carpenter , 218 nnorth Sixth
Trice, Lawrence, carter , wswest side Seventh, nnorth of Park avavenue
Triefte, Frederick, laborer , nenortheast corcorner Eleventh and Carr
Trigg, John, gardeuer , nsnorth side Warren, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Triseler, Henry, laborer , 212 nnorth Twelfth
Trœster, Frederick, blacksmith , 33 Carondelet avavenue