Green's St. Louis directory :
60 Louis Dirbcffory. BOS-BOW
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Boston, John, shoemaker , 180 Secaad, np ttaira
Boston, John, chainnaker
Boetwick, William, paper hanger , aaeoc Second a ad Florida
Boswell, Andrew, collector 6th ward , eseast side Broadway betbetween Howard
and Mound
Boswell, Charles, ( Morrison & B.) secorcorner Eighth and Morgan
Boswell, Frederick S., clerk at 76 Market, dwsecorcorner Fourteenth
and Clark avavenue
Boswell, Franklin M., teamster , na Warren, bat 9th and 10th
Boswell, Seymour, carpenter , ee Main, betbetween Howard & Mound
Bosworth, Ebenezer C., carpenter , 122 Elm, dw21 ssouth Eighth
Bothe, August, pedler , 822 ssouth Second
Botte, Frederick, porter .eseast side Utb, rear, betbetween Carr and Wash
Butlroff, Thomas, riverman , awcorcorner Tenth and Biddle
Bouchard, M. S.blacksmith , 261 nnorth Eighth
Bouchard, Stephen, blacksmith , 08 nnorth Sixth
Boucher, Alfred, bricklayer , swsouthwest corcorner Roaatti and Lafayette
Boudey, Caspar, carpenter , sssouth side Barry, wwest of Seventh
Boudler, Martin, 332 ssouth Second, up stairs
Boudroux, Mary, widow, 155 Washington avavenue
Bouillon, John B., confectioner , 156 nnorth Third
Boul, Paul, drayman , eseast side Columbus, ssouth of Marion
Boulangier, Sebastian, eseast side 2d Carondelet, a of Lafayette
Bouraan, Jacob L., tailor , secorcorner Ninth and Chambers
Boumer, George B., porter , 54 ssouth Seventh '
Bour, Gerhard, bricklayer , nenortheast corcorner Twelfth and O'Fallon
Bourdounaiy, Joseph, tailor , sssouth side Carroll, betbetween Decatur & Fulton
Bourgoin, Michael, (B. & Lapierre,) 41 nnorth Second
Bourgoin & Lapierre tailors , 41 nnorth Second
Bourgoine, Mary, widow, 38 Lombard
Bourke, James, teamster , eseast side Barlow, nnorth of Choutesu avavenue
Bourke, Patrick, deputy city engineer , 184 nnorth Ninth
Bouschold, Jacob, shoemaker , 67 Plum
Bout, Mary, widow, 185 Chesnut
Bouvier, Alphonse, eseast side Fifth, nnorth of Gratiot
Bouvier, Laura," Young Ladies' French School," eseast side Fifth, nnorth of
Bover, Bernard, laborer , rear 01 Mulberry
Bow, John, laborer , sssouth side Christy av,avenue betbetween Sixteenth & Seventeenth
Bow, Thomas, laborer , eseast side Ninth, betbetween Davit and O'Falion
Bowe, Daniel, beer house, 04 Morgan
Bowen, Daniel, riverman , wswest side Collins, ssouth of Carr
Bowenkamp, Francis, stone cutter , eseast side 15th, bat Carr & Biddle
Bower, Frederick, laborer , nwnorthwest corcorner Thirteenth and Clark avavenue
Bower, William W., carpenter , 326 Morgan
Bowles, Timothy, laborer , aecorcorner 10th et Morgan, up stairs
Bowlin, Hon. James B., attorney , 40 a Fifth