Green's St. Louis directory :
358 St. Louis Directory. WAL-WAR
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Walter, Philip, (W. & P., Walter ,) 74 nnorth Main
Walter, William, (W. & P., Walter ,) 74 nnorth Main
Walter W. & P. , wholesale staple and fancy dry goods , 74 nnorth
Walters, Copernicus, saddler , drc, 109 nnorth Main, dwsesoutheast corcorner 7th and Chouteau avavenue
Walters, John* provision dealer , wswest side Spruce, eeast of Main
Walters, John, blacksmith , 228 nnorth Second >,
Walters, Thomas, laborer , tear 50 ssouth Water
Waithaus, Herman, carpenter , nsnorth side Orchaid, eeast of Beck with
Walther, Ferdinand, buicher , wa Easton, ssouth of Barton y
Walther, Frederick, shoemaker , rear 59 n> Second ;.
Walther, Gotfried, cooper , rear 180 ssouth Second
Walthrr, Henry, teacher of music , 99 nnorth Fourth, up stairs
Walther, John, English and German teacher , sssouth side Wash, wwest of
Tenth, on alley
Wtalther, Peter, shoemaker , 808 ssouth Fifth 7
Waltman, Gustavus, book keeper at 190 nnorth Main 7
Walton, Charles D., " Walton House," and livery, 93 nnorth TbM
Walton, George, livery , 27 St. Charles
Walton, George, carpenter , 146 Carr
Walton, Joseph, 252 Morgan
Walton, Robert R., (Francis & W.) wswest side Sixth, betbetween Pine and
Walton, William, livery , 38 Hazel, dwsesoutheast corcorner Third and Hazel
Walwarth, Mary, widow, 142 Green
Wamkins, John, cabinet maker , 315 ssouth Fifth
Wamsted, John J., laborer , eseast side Columbus, nnorth of Marion
Wangelin, Adolpb, family grocer , nwnorthwest corcorner Seventh and Wash-
ington avavenue
Warboys, Thomas, swsouthwest corcorner Tenth and Biddle, up stairs
Warburton, George, plasterer , 97 Franklin avavenue
Warburton, Rossiter & Drake , wholesale dry goods , 148 nnorth
Ward, Bridget, widow, 231 nnorth Seventh, up stairs
Ward, Charles W., carpenter , wswest side Fourteenth, betbetween Market and
Clark avavenue
Ward, James, steamboat captain , nwnorthwest corcorner Sixth and O'Fallon
Ward, James S., carriage maker , eseast side Fifteenth, ssouth of Morgan
Ward, Lawrence, laborer , n of Biddle, on alalley
betbetween 9th and Tenth
Ward, Margaret, widow, 8 Poplar
Ward, Owen, laborer , rear 116 Wash, on alley
Ward, Rosenna, widow, nsnorth side Anna, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Ward, Stephen, bricklayer , 65 ssouth Second, up stairs
Ward, Theodore, (Osborne, C. & Co.Company ) 41 nnorth Third
Wardell, Tertinton, sawyer , eseast side Eleventh, nnorth of Webster
Warden, John, shoemaker , sssouth side Biddle, wwest of Fourteenth