Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory WIC-WIL
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Wtokereharn, Isaac, wswest side Ninth, betbetween Wright and Spring
Wickershara, Wesley H., pawn broker , t4 Locaat
Wickham, John, attorney , 64 Chetnot, ap stairs
Wickman, Henry, blacksmith , 26 Franklin avavenue , np stair*
Widgery, John, book keeper
Widen, John, clerk at 24 nnorth Water
Wider, John, blacksmith , wswest side Broed'y, betbetween Howard and Mound
Wiebe, Julius A., m.d. , 290 nnorth Seventh
Wiebusch, Augustus, printer , nsnorth side Clark av,avenue wwest of Tenth
Wiedenmeyer, Joseph, tailor , 810 ssouth Fifth
Wiegand, Elisabeth, widow, rear 880 ssouth Fifth
Wiegand, William, wswest side Twelfth, betbetween Cerr and Biddla
Wiegand, Conrad, machinist , 76 b Main, up stairs
Wiegenstein, Conrad, shoemaker , 241 ssouth Fourth
Wiekafodt, Henry, teamster , eseast side Ninth, nnorth of Webster
Wieland, John, stone cutter , sssouth side Victor, eeast of Jackson
Wiolling, John, laborer , rear 246 Carr, on alley
Wieman, Henry, laborer , wswest side Thirteenth, nnorth of Biddla
Wienfeld, Valentine, barber , 212 nnorth Main
Wieman, John, laborer , 275 nnorth Twelfth, up stairs
Wies, Jacob, beer house, 140 ssouth Main
Wieaa, Bernard, (Ludwig & W.) 65 ssouth Second, corcorner Myrtle
Wiese, Francis, baker , 268 Broadway
Wieseman, Anthony, " Camp Spring," corcorner 20th and Market
Wieehort, Conrad, tailor , as Soulard, eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Wiesman, Christoph, blacksmith , eseast side Fifth, nnorth of Hazel
Wiechuchter, Ferdinand, tailor , wswest side Buel, ssouth of Emmett
Wietthorn, Henry, porter , e6 Ninth, betbetween Wash and Carr, rear
Wiggenhorn, Charlotte, widow, w Seventh, nnorth of Perk avavenue
Wiggins, Edward C, (W. & Co.Company ) 11 Market
Wiggins, Lewis, bookseller , sssouth side Clark av,avenue eeast of Fourteenth
Wiggins, Samuel B., (W. fc Co.Company ) 184 Walnut
Wiggins, William C.182 Walnut
Wiggins S.B. & Co.Company , wholesale grocery and dry goods , 11 Market
Wightman, Thomas F., furniture, 295 Broadway, dwwa Second, betbetween O'Fallon and Davis
Wightman, William, wholesale grocer , swsouthwest corcorner Locust end Commercial
Wikker, John B., millinery, and gents furnishing store , 111 nnorth Foarth
Wilberg, Maximillian, beer house, Poplar, wwest of Second
Wilburn, Isaac J., Secretary Union Insurance Comp'y , boarfa at Planters' House
Wilcox, Andrew, baker , 184 Carr
Wilcox, Jeremiah B., clerk at 62 nnorth Main
Wildes, Elizabeth, widow, 158 Green