Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 871 WIM-WIS
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W4ntar, CharleB, (W. ft Bonea*,) 18 nnorth Third
Wimar & Boneau , painters , 18 nnorth Third
Wimer, George A., clerk in poet office, dwnB St. Charles, wwest of Eighth
Wimer, John M., Eleventh, betbetween Brooklyn and Mound
Wimer John M. & Co.Company , planing mill , secorcorner Eleventh and Mullanpht-
Winchell, E. W.. clerk at 131 nnorth Main, b'ds at Mrs. Douthill a
Wind, John, carpenter , nsnorth side Geyer, betbetween Buel and Menard
Wfodbeater, Charles, clerk at 71 Franklin avavenue
Windigger, Anton, cabinet maker , rear 323 nnorth Seventh
Windhorst, John, teamster , eseast side Thirteenth, nnorth of Biddle
Wines, Jame6 H., bricklayer , boards at 73 nnorth Third
Winkeler, Bernard, shoemaker , nsnorth side Biddle, wwest of Tenth
Winkelmaier, Louis, civil engineer , nsnorth side Poplar, betbetween Third and Fourth
Winkelmeyer, Adam, carpenter , rear 108 Morgan
Winkelmeyer, Charles, boarding house, 352 ssouth Seeond
Winkelmeyer, Julius. " Union Brewery," sssouth side Market, wwest of 17th
Winkelman, George, bricklayer , nsnorth side Biddle, wwest of Ninth
Winker, Diederich, clock and watch maker , swsouthwest corcorner Seventh and Morgan
Winker, Henry, laborer , Biddle, betbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth
Winkle, Frederick, laborer , nsnorth side Davis, betbetween 15th and 16th
Winler, John, shoemaker , n of Rutger, on alley betbetween Seventh 6z Eighth
Winkley, Daniel S., riverman , wswest side Second, nnorth of O'Fallon
Winkus, H., cooper , wswest side Carondelet avavenue , ssouth of Enimett
Winmill, Elizabeth, nsnorth side Wright, wwest of Broadway
Winn, John, auctioneer , 228 Broadway
Winn, Thomas J., tailor , 62 ssouth Second, up stairs
Winright, John, 89 Franklin avavenue
Winslow, Charles, marble manufactory , boards at 121 Locust
Winslow, Nancy, [c] wswest side Ninth, 6 of Market
Winter, Diederich A., clock and watchmaker , 204 Franklin avavenue
Wipperman, Joseph, carpenter , 358 ssouth Filth
Wippern, Adolphus, distiller, 17 Franklin avavenue
Wirt, William R., moulder , wswest side Collins, ssouth of Columbia
Wirth, Charles, feed store, 26 Walnut
Wirte, William, segar maker , 2 Convent, up stairs
Wirfe, Peter Joseph, laborer , eseast side Buel, ssouth of Lafayette
Wischmeyer, Gerard H., painter , eseast side Sixth, ssouth of Franklin avavenue
Wiae, George, shoemaker , 55 St. Charles, and 33 Vine
Wise, Isaac T., attorney , 58 Chesnut, up stairs
Wise, Joseph, carpenter , nsnorth side Chesnut, betbetween 14th and 15th
Wise, Thomas, teamster , nsnorth side Howard, wwest of Thirteenth
Wise, William, shoemaker , wswest side 12th, betbetween Wash and Can