Green's St. Louis directory :
74 St. Louis Directory. WIS-WOG
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Wiseman, George, laborer , rear 301 nnorth Ninth
Wiseman, James R.(Hunt & W.) 185 Morgan
Wishmeier, Henry, family grocer , 214 nnorth Second
Wisker, George, blacksmith , swsouthwest corcorner 12th and Carr, np stairs
Wissing, Daniel, tailor , 40 nnorth Third
Wismann, William, (Buhs & W.) 180 nnorth Fourth
Wiswell, William, book-keeper , 163 nnorth Main
Witbret, William, laborer , rear 304 nnorth Ninth
Witbrod, W.William, laborer , rear 180 Biddle, on alley
Witham, John T., printer , 23 Washington avavenue , up stairs, dweseast side Eighth, ssouth of Walnut
Witham, Zenas, engineer , eseast side 9th, betbetween Labeaume & Hempstead
Witherall, -, 13 Collins
Withers, Charles, blacksmith , nwnorthwest corcorner Broadway and Wright
Withers, Gabriel, carpenter , wswest side Eighteenth, ssouth of Market
Witt, Ferdinand, barber , oppl95 Green
Witt, John B., eseast side Seventh, ssouth of Green, up stairs
Witt, Joseph, carpenter , 139 Chesnut
Witte, Frederick, laborer , secorcorner Fourteenth and O'Fallon
Witte, Henry, barber , sssouth side Wash, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Witte, Henry, drayman , nsnorth side Spruce, wwest of Twelfth
Witte, Herman, laborer , eseast side 14th, betbetween Carr and Biddle
Witte, Michael, beer house, 179 ssouth Second
Wittenbrock, Ernst, butcher , sssouth side Franklin avavenue wwest of 20th
Wittenbrock, William, family grocer , 216 Franklin avavenue
Wittig, Peter, beer house, sssouth side Park av,avenue betbetween Buel and Menard
Wittle, Edmund, Rivermen , 114 nnorth Sixth
Whtle, Thomas, Rivermen , 114 nnorth Sixth
Wittier, John H., grocer , nwnorthwest corcorner Ninth and Biddle
Wittman, Joseph, ship carpenter , wswest side Lewis, nnorth of Ashley
Wittman, Lorenz, miller , rear 229 nnorth Ninth, up stairs
Wizhmann, John, shoemaker , sssouth side Marion, on alley betbetween Bu#l and Menard
Woalroth, John P., wswest side Thirteenth, ssouth of Market
Wobbe, William, drayman , 267 nnorth Eleventh
Wochner, Fedel, butcher , eseast side Twentieth, ssouth of Market
Wochner, Nicholas, grocer , 104 ssouth Fourth
Wochner, Peter J., sssouth side Convent, eeast of Fifth
Wochner, Philip, bricklayer , rear 57 Carondelet avavenue
Wodlek, Debold, shoemaker , eseast side Rosatti, ssouth of Soulard
Wrelschlager, Samuel, tinner , sssouth side Marion, wwest of Carondelet avavenue
Wcempner, Ernst, agent , eseast side Beckwith, nnorth of Chouteau avavenue
Wcempner, William, hardware , swsouthwest corcorner 8th and Franklin avavenue
Wcesten, Frederick, (W. & Harig,) 32 Franklin avavenue
Wcesten & Harig, hatters, &c , 32.Franklin avavenue & 140 nnorth Thtad
Wcestman, Henry, teamster , wswest side Tenth, nnorth of Biddle
Wogtech, John, teacher music , wswest side Ninth, nnorth of Franklin avavenue '