Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. Itf WYM-YOU
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Wyman, Edmrtnd, Eng. and Claa . High School, at Market, bat Fourth and Fifth, dw 20 ssouth Fourth
Wyman, Isaac, teller at Page 6z Bacon's, 139 Main
Wyneman, Rev.Reverend Frederick, Lutheran (Trinity*,) Church , Lombard, betbetween Third and Fourth, dw 162 Carondelet avavenue
Xaupi, Edward J., 56 Market, upsupstairs tairs
Xaupi, Louis A., m.d. , 226 Locust
Yackey, Peter, teamster , nsnorth side Jefferson, wwest of Ninth
Yeger, John B., grocer , 218 Franklin avavenue
Yandell, John H., painter, &c , 167 ssouth Fourth
Yantis, John, carpenter , nsnorth side Randolph, wwest of Twelfth
Yardley, John, boiler maker , 131 Franklin avavenue
Yates, Ann S., boarding house, 62 nnorth Fourth
Yates, John, moulder , 323 nnorth Seventh
Yates, John W., boards nsnorth side Pine, betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Yeakel, John Jacob, laborer , wswest side Third, nnorth of Convent
Yeatman, James E., (Y., Pittman & Co.Company ) nwcornorthwest corner 2d and Green
Yeatman, Randolph, boot, shoe and hat store , 146 nnorth Third
Yeatman, Thomas, (Yeatman 6z Co.Company ) sssouth side Olive, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Yeatman & Co.Company , publishers " St. Louis Intelligencer," about 18 Olive
Yeatman, Pittman & Co.Company , commission merchants , nwnorthwest corcorner 2d and Green
Yeaton, Oliver C, eseast side Tenth, betbetween Warren and Montgomery
Yendell, Henry, painter , sssouth side Market, betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Yeomans, George F., clerk , at 147 nnorth Main
Yeomans, Thomas, rectifier , dw 208 nnorth Sixth
Ycekel, George C, family grocer , secorcorner Ninth and Wash
Yokost, Michael, carter , nenortheast corcorner Linn and Calhoun
Yolk, Anton, sawyer , nsnorth side Spring, eeast of Broadway
Yolk, John, laborer , nsnorth side Spring, eeast of Broadway
Yore, Margaret, widow, 148 Pine
Yore, Patrick, steamboat captain , 88 nnorth Eighth
York, James, riverman , eseast side Ninth, ssouth of Benton
York, John, riverman , nsnorth side Labadie, wwest of Fifth
Yost, Jacob B., printer at Republican, 11 Chesnut
Youd, James, bricklayer , wswest side Second, betbetween Mound and Howard
Young, Alexander, salesman at 159 Green
Young, Archibald, (A.Y. 6c Co.Company ) wholesale clothiers, 99 nnorth Main
Young, Augustus, bricklayer , wswest side Jackson, nnorth of Miller
Young, Charles, quarrier , eseast side Carondelet, betbetween Sidney and Anna
Young, Christian, grocer , 197 Carondelet avavenue
Young, Daniel, carpenter , nsnorth side Christy, wwest of Fourteenth