Green's St. Louis directory :
80 St. Louis Directory. CHA-CHA
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Chalfant, Lewis P., engineer , wswest side Thirteenth, nnorth of Franklin avavenue
Chamberlain, Abraham A., coach trimmer , wswest side Centre, ssouth of
Chamberlain, Frederick B., (C. & Co.Company ) 47 nnorth Commercial
Chamberlain, Guilford T., druggist , eseast side Broadway, betbetween Mound
and Howard
Chamberlain, James L., saddlery hardware , dw 116 nnorth Seventh
Chamberlain, Patrick, shoemaker , 278 Market, up stairs
Chamberlain, Sidney P., clerk at 244 Broadway
Chamberlain & Co.Company , corn & produce merchants , 47 nnorth Com'1
Chamberlin, Nathaniel, carpenter , 179 nnorth Sixth
Chambers, A. B., (C. & Knapp,) 42 ssouth Sixth
Chambers, Charles, 6 nnorth Fifth
Chambers, Francis, teamster , eseast side Broadway, betbetween Spring and
Chambers, Harry, city weigher , wswest side Eighth, ssouth of Market
Chambers, James, book binder , nsnorth side St. Charles, wwest of Tenth
Chambers, John, book keeper at 49 nnorth Water
Chambers, William, teamster , sssouth side Mound, eeast of Broadway
Chamber, —, steamboat captain , 264 Franklin avavenue
Chambid, Louisa, widow, wswest side Congress, ssouth of Trudeau
Cliamblin, Bailis, (B. & N.C.) 268 Broadway
Chamblin, Isaac F., (Ware & Co.Company ) 293 Broadway
Chamblin, Nelson, (B. & N. Chamblin,) nsnorth side Pine, wwest of 13th
Chamblin B. & N. , dry goods , 268 Broadway
Champion, John B., carpenter , 259 Green
Champagnon, John, carpenter , nwnorthwest corcorner Fifteenth and Chesnut
Chandler, Louis, butcher , nsnorth side Pine, wwest of Fourteenth
Chandler, Nathaniel, clerk at 144 nnorth Main
Chandler, Nathaniel T., grocer , dw 272 nnorth Sixth
Chandler, Sarah H., widow, 272 nnorth Sixth
Chandler, William, riverman , wswest side Second, nnorth of Dock
Chapin, Christopher P., miller , nwcornorthwest corner Main end Plum
Chapin, Erastus, (Ball & C.) corcorner Eighteenth and Morgan
Chapman, Allen, caulker , wswest side Ninth, nnorth of Brooklyn
Chapman, Benjamin, tailor , rear 254 Market, on alley
Chapman, Edward H., city weigher , 38 nnorth Commercial, dwnenortheast
corcorner Sixteenth and Washington avavenue
Chapman, George, book-keeper at Mackoy's, boards 10 nnorth Fifth
Chapman, James, laborer , rear 180 ssouth Second
Chapman, John, mate , nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of Seventeenth,
Chapman, John S., m.d. , swsouthwest corcorner Main and Morgan
Chapman, William, farmer , 355 Morgan
Cltapaton, Augustus B., clerk at 28 Market
Chappell, John T., (C. & Co.Company ) boards at Monroe House
Chappell J.T.6cCo.Company , com.commission merchants 79 nnorth Commercial