Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 85 CLA-COB
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Clayton, David, trader , 129 nnorth Fifth
Clayton, Henry, laborer , rear 156 nnorth Eighth
Clayton, James R., carpenter , wswest side Seventh, ssouth of Green, up stairs
Clayton & Rickets carpenters , rear 32 Green, on alley
Clayton, George, grocer , 207 Morgan, dw 862 Morgan
Clear, Michael, laborer , secorcorner Ninth and Chesnut
Cleland, Beriah, 135 Chesnut
Clement, Henry, shoemaker , 231 Market
Clemens, James, jr., 98 Market, office 36 nnorth Third
Clements, Henry, blacksmith , 304 ssouth Third
Clements, John, sail maker , 24 nnorth Commercial, dwnsnorth side Anna, eeast
of Jackson
Clendenin, James M., agent Columbus Ins.Co.Company , nwnorthwest corcorner Main
and Olive, up stairs, dw 12 ssouth Fifth
Clendening, Nancy, widow, nsnorth side Florida, eeast of Main, upsupstairs tairs
Clerc, Rev.Reverend Francis J., 104 ssouth Sixth
Clerk's office Supreme Court , William, B.Starke, clerk , 132
Market, up stairs
Cleveland, Charles M., city weigher , 4 Washington avavenue , dwnsnorth side
Franklin av,avenue wwest of Thirteenth
Cleveland, Miss Mary, dressmaker , 193 Locust
Clifton, Eli, carpenter , wswest side sixth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Clifford, John, shoemaker , 36 Olive
Clifford, Robert, clerk , 92 Chesnut
Clifford, Thomas, eseast side Ninth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Clifford, Thomas, bar keeper , swsouthwest corcorner Fifth and Morgan
Clifton, John, plasterer , eseast side Tenth, betbetween Mound and Howard
Cline, George W., (C. & Thompson,) 92 Chesnut
Cline, Mary G., widow, wswest side Fourteenth, ssouth of Morgan
Cline, Thomas, laborer , nsnorth side Morgan, wwest of Eighteenth
Cline & Thompson attorneys , 92 Chesnut, up stairs
Cliney, James, laborer , rear 247 Morgan, on alley
Clinton, John, shoemaker , 89 nnorth Fourth
Clinton, Patrick, wswest side Thirteenth, ssouth of Market
Clorley, John, engineer , nsnorth side Mullanphy, eeast of Main
Clough, Jesse R., carpenter , wswest side Stoddard, ssouth of Chouteau
Clough, Stephen S., clerk , nsnorth side Wash, betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Clouse, George, riverman , sssouth side Warren, eeast of Broadway
Clouse, Henry, laborer , rear 180 Biddle
Clover, Henry A., attorney , nenortheast corcorner Second and Chesnut, upsupstairs
Cluk, Elizabeth, doctress , eseast side Seventh, nnorth of Gratiot
Clukas, James, shoemaker , 140 Carr
Cluley, John M., grocer , 269 Brd'y, dwsssouth side Morgan, wwest of 20th
Cluth, Joseph, blacksmith , nwnorthwest corcorner Nineteenth and Morgan
Coale, Samuel A., clerk at 86 nnorth Fourth
Coalter, John D., attorney , 8 n Fifth
Cobb, Benjamin D., ship carpenter , sssouth side Mullanphy, wwest of Main