Green's St. Louis directory :
100 St. Louis Directory. DEF-DEL
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DeFranca, Manuel J., portrait, historical, and landscape
painter, drc, nsnorth side Pine, betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Degen, Francis J., carpenter , 166 Carondelet avavenue
Degenhart, Charles M., hatter , 64 Myrtle, up stairs
Degenhart, John C, lumber , nenortheast corcorner Miller and Carondelet avavenue ,
dwswsouthwest corcorner Soulard and Decatur
Degenhart, Joseph, carpenter , wswest side Rosatti, ssouth of Marion
Degenhardt, Lorenzo, notary public , 61 Pine, up stairs
Deger, Lewis, laborer , nenortheast corcorner Jackson and Carroll
Degcrlies, Paul, 88 Chambers, wwest of Broadway
Degge, Robert F., saddler , nenortheast corcorner Main and Market
De, Ham Aaron, jeweler & cutler , nwnorthwest corcorner Sixth and Green, upsupstairs
Dehlam, John, on alley, rear of 312 a Fifth
Dehlinger, Christoph, plasterer , nwnorthwest corcorner Columbus & Lafayette
Deiker, Jacob, blacksmith , swsouthwest corcorner Seventh and Park avavenue
Deis, Gregor, Green Tree Tavern, 69 and 71 ssouth Second
Deisel, Christopher, dairy , sssouth side Mullanphy, wwest of Main
Deiswald, William, cook , 280 ssouth Third
Decker, Frederick, quarrier , sssouth side Anna, wwest of Columbus
Dekmeier, Henry, laborer , nsnorth side O'Fallon, wwest of Eighth
Dekum, Francis, (D. & Co.Company ) 79 nnorth Third
Dekum & Co.Company , confectioners , 79 nnorth Third
DeKnoblough, John, carman , 45 Locust, up stairs
Delafield, John, (D. & Cooke.) swsouthwest corcorner Tenth and Olive
Delafield & Cooke attys , nwnorthwest corcorner Main and Olive, up stairs
Delancy, James, pilot , sssouth side Jefferson, wwest of Ninth
Delano, William, clerk , sssouth side Morrison av, wwest of Stoddard
Delano, William A., clerk at 153 nnorth Main
Delany, George, carpenter , sssouth side Cerre, wwest of Eighth
Delany, Michael, shoemaker , swsouthwest corcorner 14th and Morgan
Delany, Mary, [c] rear 42 ssouth Tenth
Delarga, John, drayman , wswest side Eighth, nnorth of O'Fallon
Delassieur, Philip, (c) eseast side Congress, nnorth of Lami
Delaware Mutual Safety Ins.Co.Company ,E. Brooks , Agent , seeeast corcorner
Main and Olive
Delille, Henry, carpenter , 235 Green
Delinger, Daniel, locksmith , nsnorth side Lafayette, e of Jackson
Delisle, Julius, French and Spanish teacher , 33 nnorth Sixth
Delkeskeimp, Frederick, family gro. nenortheast corcorner Ninth and Warren
Delliers, Jacob S., watch manufacturer , s of Marion, on alley
betbetween Rossati and Menard
Dellitt, Andrew F., baker , 361 ssouth Second
Dellman, Caspar, tailor , swsouthwest corcorner Eleventh and Carr
Dellman, George, tailor , eseast side Jackson, ssouth of Barry
Deloney, Samuel, engineer , wswest side 16th, ssouth of Franklin avavenue
Delporte, Noel, sen.sssouth side Plum, betbetween Second and Third.
DelporteNoel, Jr.sssouth side Plum, betbetween Second and Third.