Green's St. Louis directory :
St. Louis Directory. 37 ASH-AUG
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Ash, Samuel, tailor , 189 nnorth Sixth
Ashbrook, Henry, [A's & Graham,] Biddle wwest of city limits
Ashbrooks & Graham butchers , rear 11 Washington avavenue on alalley
Ashbrook, Levi, (A. & Graham ) nwnorthwest corcorner 2d and Monroe
Ashdown, William G., gas and steam fitter , 96 Pine
Asher, Abraham S., clothier , 298 Broadway
Ashton, John, pilot , nwnorthwest corner 7th and Lafayette
Ashworth, Benjamin, laborer , nsnorth side Bidle betbetween 8th and 9th rear
Ashworth, John, engineer , 160 nnorth Eighth, up stairs
Asing, Mary E., widow, eseast side 12th betbetween Carr and Wash
Askentrup, Frederick, laborer , 236 nnorth Eighth
Asman, John H., ws 20th ssouth of Market
Asselman, Frederick, blacksmith , 348 nnorth Seventh
Ast, Adam, mason , Fulton betbetween Allen and Geyer.
Ast, George, fringe and tassel manfc'rmanufacturer , 232 ssouth 5th, up stairs
Ast, Nicholas, 237 Carondelet avenue
Asthardt, John, carpenter , sssouth side Frank avavenue betbetween 20th and 21st, rear
Astheimer, Lewis, shoemaker , eseast side Jackson ssouth of Wood
Astill, Zachariah, carpenter , nsnorth side Morgan, eseast side of Tenth
Astren, Samuel, cooper , boards at M'Cormick's nnorth Tenth
Atchison, Geo . W., s. b. captains , 60 and 62 nnorth Fifth.
Atchison, Geo . W.Jr.junior s. b. captains , 60 and 62 nnorth Fifth.
Atherton, Geo . O., cler in bk of Mo . sssouth side Biddle, betbetween 16th & 17th
Atherton, Nathaniel B., 374 Morgan, up stairs
Athey, Pressley, clerk , eseast side 13th betbetween Gay and Morgan
Athey, Samuel W., carpenter , 52 Gay
Atkins, James, painter , rear 196 nnorth Twelfth, up stairs
Atkins, William, engineer , nsnorth side Morgan betbetween 5th and 6th
Atkinson, John, swsouthwest corcorner 9th and Jefferson
Atkinson, John R., M. D ., 48 Vine, dwel 13th betbetween Pine & Ch'nt
Atkinson, Mary, widow, 102 ssouth Third
Atkinson, Thomas, bricklayer , nsnorth side Spruce betbetween 5th and 6th
Atlantic, Mills, Ball & Chapin , nwnorthwest corcorner Main and Plum
Atwood, Nathaniel B., M. D ., 150 nnorth Eighth.
Aurain, Frances, widow, boarding house 9 ssouth Fourth
Aue, Charles, tailor , 241 ssouth Fourth up stairs
Auer, Dennis, laborer , eseast side Linn nnorth of Soulard
Auer, Henry, drayman , was 13th betbetween Davis and O'Fallon
Auer, Joseph, laborer , wswest side Menard betbetween Marion and Carroll
Auer, Melcher, miller , wswest side Third betbetween Hazel and Convent
Auer, Philip, baker , 257 Carondelet avenue
Auer, Stephen, laborer , eseast side Linn nnorth of Soulard
Auerbach, Solomon, nwnorthwest corcorner Seventh and Rutger
Aufdenfelde, Diederich, tailor , 211 nnorth Thirteenth
Augspurger, Anton, saddler , n of Biddle on alley betbetween 9th & 10th
Augustin, Christian, wagon maker wswest side Carondelet , s of Rutger
Augustin, Edward, cabinet maker , 281 nnorth Tenth