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Wm.William Jessop & Son's

Store 201 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

H.Bakewell, , Agent .

The subscriber begs to recommend the above article to dealers
and consumers, especially, the latter, it being entirely a new article
in the west. He referers to the largest manufacturers in the East-
ern States, where it is consumed more extensively than any other

W.J. & Sons are the largest manufacturers of Steel in the world,
and import more into the United States than any other House,
which is of itself sufficient guaranty of its excellence.

An assortment of double refined Best and Machinery Cast Steal,
double and single Shear. Hoop ( L)'and other Blister; Coach Springs.
Plough and all th e varieties of German Steel in store. Also, Importers Of Tin Plate. H.Bakewell, , Agent , 901 Main Street, St. Louis.