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J.M. Easterly,
Daguerrean Artist .
Rooms, 103 Fourth Street,
(Corner of Olive,)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Among His Specimens May Be Seen Likenesses Of
Distingruftstied Statesmen, Eminent Divines, Pro-
minent Citizens, Indian Chiefs, and Notorious
Robbers and murderers.
Beautiful Landscapes, Perfect Clouds, and
A Bona Fide Streak Of Lightning,
Taken on the night of June 18th, 1847.

To the subscriber, for this rich and rare collection, the first
premium was awarded by the St. Louis Mechanics' Institute, at
the last annual Fair.

Every description of Daguerreotype work done at this estab-
lishment on short notice, and in the best possible manner. All
whom interest or curiosity may prompt, are respectfully invited
to call and examine his work, which will speak for itself.

Bowling Saloon ,
304 Broadway,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri
James M. Stewart, Proprietor.