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Cist Steel Saws ,

H. Bakewell, Ag'tagent ,

[missing figure]

201 Main St.street , Louis.

Manufactured By
Welch & Griffiths,
62 Congress Street, Boston.

Circular Saws,
Of every description, from two inches to any size required;
Mill, Pit, Cross-Cut, Segment & Hand Saws
With Felloe, Web, Bow, and Wood Saws,

Of every gauge, length, and width used. These Saws are all
manufactured from the very finest of Best Cast Steel, made
expressly for us.

☞ The proprietors of this establishment inform their friends and the public that
they are determined not to be surpassed in the mannfactnre of the above articles.

Twsenty years practical experience, with a firm determination to make every possible im-
provement in each process, has enabled them to prodnce Saws combining more good qual-
ities than any other Saws ever offered to the Mechanics of the United States.

These celebrated Saws are around and Turned by the best machinery ever invented for
the purpose ; bnt the result, not the process, is the matter that concerns the consumer.
If an article is all that can be required, it is not material to him by what process the
result is produced.

Numberless certificates of the superior excellence of these celebrated Saws can be
given,but we deem it unnecessary to resort to such means. Reference can be given to
consumers and wholesale dealers who have been supplied for years, and have not return-
ed one Saw defective.

☞ The above Sous can be obtained from the principal Hardware dealers in the United
Terms of warranty on Welch Griffith's Saws.—Each Saw is warranted to be perfect-
ly true, and if not so, and returned before using, to the merchant who sold it to the consu-
mer,it will be exchanged.

If a Saw break, in consequence of ajZav in the Steel, or split at the teeth, owing to a
seam in the Steel, and is returned to said merchant, within thirty days from, date of pur-
chase, a new on* will be given in exchange.