Green's St. Louis directory :
Business Cards. 417
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Saint Louis
Insurance Company
Capital $300,000.
Office S.W. corner Main and Olive Streets,
merchants' Exchange, St. Louis.

This Company continues to insure on sea and inland navi-
gation, rail roads, &c, and on buildings and their contents, at
the lowest rates, making a discount on all marine risks of 12½
per cent

All losses, as heretofore, promptly adjusted and paid.


James E.Yeatman, ,

LawrasonLevering, ,

J. C.Rust, .

J. D.Osborn, ,

LymanFarwell, ,

Samuel H.Peake, ,

J. A.Brownlee, ,

GeorgeBuchanan, ,

KennethMackenzie, ,

S. K.Wilson, ,

G. K.M'Gunnegle, ,

A. G.Switzer, ,

Thomas H.Larkin, .

Geo. K.Mcgunnegle, , President .

L. B. Clark, Secretary .

Fire And Marine Insurance .
Knox Insurance Company.
☞Capital, $200,000.☜


Hon.Honorable V.Carna, ,

Wm.William J.Heberd, ,

SamuelWise, ,

Peter B.Bailey, ,

Henry D.Allis, ,

SimonBittroff, ,

JacobPea, ,

John W.Maddox, ,

Thomas T.Benbridge, ,

Walter W.Early, ,

JamesKegwine, ,

LeviSparks, ,

WilliamHughs, .

R. V.Carnan, , President .

SimonBittroff, , Vice President .

W. J.Heberd, , Treasurer .

C. M.Allen, , Secretary .

The agency of the above Company having been transferred to the udersigned, be is
prepared to insure buildings and their contents against loss or damage by Fire. cargoes
of steamboats, and sailing vessels; also, hulls of steamboats.

A. R.Mcnair, , Agent .
Office, No. 126 Main Street, corner Vine, up stairs.
Refer To Unit Rasin, Esq.; Messrs. George Buchanan & Co.Company ; William L. Ewing &
Co.Company , and John C. Bull.