Green's St. Louis directory :
Business Cards. 419
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Cowperthwait & Co.Company
Pawn Brokers
No. 23 Locust Street, Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Money Loaned
On Watches, Jewelry, Silver-Ware, Guns, Pistols, Dry
Goods, Clothing, and Personal Property generally.

For Sale—Gold and Silver Watches, Chains, Clothing, etc.

OttoHenkle, ,
Fashionable Tailor ,
No. 9 N. Third Street, St. Louis.

Garments of every description manufactured in the neatest,
most durable and most fashionable style, upon the shortest no-
tice. ☞Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, constantly on-
hand, direct from the Eastern cities.

Garments made warranted to please. Terms as reasonable
as at any similar establishment in the city.

FrancisBeehler, ,
Upholsterer ,
No. 86 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Steamboats & Hotels
Furnished in the best manner, cheap for cash,
Feather Beds, Hair, Moss, Shuck, Palm Leaf
And Straw Matresses,
Constantly On Hand Or Made To Order.

Carpets and Oil Cloths cut and made; Beds and Metresses
re-filled ; Chairs and Sofas repaired at short notice. Fami-
lies supplied cheaper than any other house in St. Louis.