Green's St. Louis directory :
420 Business Cards.
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Hewitt & Steinacker ,
Saddle, Harness and Trunk
Manufacturers ,
(Wholesale and Retail,)
No. 67 Fourth Street
Corner of Pine Street, opposite Planters' House,
St. Louis.

L.Forbes, ,
L0Oking Glass And Picture Frame
Manufacturer ,
Comb, Cutlery And Variety Store,
Watches, Jewelry, &C.
Wholesale and Retail,
No. 92 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Watches and Jewelry repaired—Combs repaired—
Plates put in old Frames—Old Frames Re-gilt.

[missing figure]

F.Kempf, ,
Manufacturer Of
Hempen Hose ,
No. 86 Second Street,
(Between Olive And Locust Streets,)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Constantly on hand an assortment of

☞Hose of every size and variety made to order on the
shortest notice, and on reasonable terms.