Green's St. Louis directory :
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Kingslands & Ferguson ,
Phoenix Foundry,
208 N. Second And 52 Cherry Street, St. Louis,
Manufacturers Of
Castings And Mill Machinery ,
of every description,
Stoves, Grates, Bark Mills,
Plough Castings, Fanning Mill Irons, Corn Shelters, Cast-
ings for Page's Portable Circular Saw Mill, Threshing
Machine Castings, Wagon Boxes, &c.

☞Orders will be received at Warehouse, No. 202 North
Main street, between Virginia and Missouri Hotels.

Kingslands & Ferguson ,
No. 202 Main Street,
(Between Virginia and Missouri Hotels,)
Dealers In
Cooking Stoves
Grates, Hollow Ware,
Preoria Premium Steel Ploughs, Fire Proof Safes, &c.

ThomasLawson, ,
Plumber ,
171 North Second St.,
Dealer In, And Keeps Constantly On Hand,
Hydrants, Pumps, Etc.
Of Every Description.

Also, Manufacturer Of
Sheet Lead And Lead Pipe.