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Rheutmatic Compound
Blood Purifier!

This justly celebrated medicine stands without a rival in
the history of discoveries, either in this or any other country.
During the past year thousands have realised its beneficial
effects. Under the personal treatment of the original discov-
erer and proprietor, as well as from the use,of it in various
portions of the United States, hundreds of the most obstinate
and confirmed cases of severe Chronic Rheumatism have been
effectually cured. Many of these had long been given op by
the most eminent physicians, as incurable, and they had come
to the conclusion that they were cripples and invalids for life.
But, in the hour of despair, they obtained thia Rheumatic
Compound, and by the use of it were effectually cured.

Certificates and letters, from Merchants and Citizens of the
highest respectability, not only in the city of St. Louis, where
the proprietor resides, but various cities of the Union, have
been furnished the proprietor, testing the virtues of this medi-
cine, and recommending it to all the world, as the only sure
and certain remedy for the speedy and effectual cure of this
dreadful disease. Rheumatism, it has been discovered, has its
origin in an impure state of the blood. This impurity forms
a caustic sediment, which settles upon the membranes, muscles,
and tendons, It is generally in the system a long time before
it is felt. It is generally developed by exposure or sudden
changes of the weather, and in a majority of cases, its first de-
velopment is that of an acute or inflammatory character, and
if not soon removed, it assumes a chronic, form, often disloca-
ting the joints or contracting thae limbs so as to ruin the indi-
vidual for life.

This Rheumatic Compound is an internal remedy, purifies
the blood, neutralizes and removes this impurity, and restores
the individual to perfect health.

Manufactured and sold, wholesale and retail, at D. Mortimore
& Co.Company 'S Medical Depot, corner of Third and Vine streets, St. Louis,
Mo.Missouri , and also for sale in the various cities in the United States.

Price $5.00 Per Bottle.