Green's St. Louis directory :
440 Business Cards.
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Rollin Clark, John Renfrew, Alexander Crozier, Philander Braley.

Eagle Foundry.
Corner Of Main And Biddle Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Clark, Renfrew & Co.Company ,
Manufacturers Of
Steam Engines and M31 Machinery;
Stewart'S Rotary Engines;
Page'S Portable Saw Mills .

☞Steam Boiler and Sheet Iron work of all kinds.

Wm.William A. Lynch & Co.Company
Undertakers ,
No. 96 N. Fourth Street,
Between Locust and Olive Streets,

Where will always be found a large assortment of Mahog-
any, Red Cedar, and Walnut Burial Cases of superior finish;
also, fine Cloth, Satin and velvet covered Comas;-White
Cashmere, Silk and Flannel Robes, Shrouds, Crape, Gloves,
and every article required, or used on such occasions.

Ice Boxes and Skiff's Patent Metallic Burial Cases. Always
on hand, and prompt attention given at all hours.

Laying out and dressing the dead, attended to personally, or
by a lady, on application at the office.

Also a new and elegant Hearse, (the only me with wWte
plumes and trimmings in the city,) with good carriages and
careful drivers.