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Business Cards. 441
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Stencil Brand Cuting.

L. M.Prince, ,
Stencil Brand Cutter ,
33 Olive Street, near the Monroe House,
(Between Main and Second,)

Large and small Brands of every description cut in a supe-
rior style, on the shortest notice.

Name plates for marking linen with indelible ink, or for
books, visiting cards, &c., neatly cut.

☞Always on hand, a variety of Alphabets and Fig-
Ures, of all sizes. ☞33 Olive street.

Cronthal Brothers ,
No. 10 Third Street,
(Between Chesnut and Market,)
St. Louis.

Manufacturers Of A
New Kind Of Spirit Gas Lamps,
All Other Kinds Of
Lamps, Lanterns, And Other Utensils,
Made of Brass, Bronze, German Silver Plate, Tin, &c. &c.

All kinds of Repairing done in the neatest manner.

☞Spirit Gas and Chemical Oil prepared and sold,
wholesale and retail.

LorengeMetten, ,
Dealer In
Watches & Jewelry ,
No. 90 Morgan Street,
(Between Fourth and Fifth,)
St. Louis, Mo-

☞Repairing Watches and Jewelry promptly attended to.