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Business Cards. 389
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Frederick Dings. William Stein.

F. Dings & Co.Company
Brush Manufacturers,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Always on hand, a well assorted stock of Brushes of all kinds,
their own make, and at the lowest prices, viz.: Shoe, Scrub-
bing, Horse, Dusting, Sweeping, White-wash, Paint, Sash,
Hair-cloth, Tooth, Nail, Shaving, Jewellers' and Fancy Brush-
es in great variety.

Importers And Wholesale Dealers In
Toys And Fancy Goods ,
No. 47 Main Street, St. Louis.

Mill Stones

[missing figure]

G.&C. Todd
North First
Main St.street ,
St. Louis.
[missing figure]

Importers and manufacturers of
Mill Materials,
Bolting Cloths,
Mill Stones, Leather and Rubber
Belting, &c.

Most Improved Portable Mills.

French Burr Mill Stones, Dutch Anker
Bolting Cloths, Wove Wire for Fanning
Mills and Screens; Screws; Patent
Corn Mills, Spindles, &c., &c.

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