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John H.Adams, ,

[missing figure]
No. 1,
[missing figure]

South-West Corner Of Main & Market Sts.
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Wholesale & Retail

☞Always on hand, a large and general assortment of
Men and Boys' Clothing, which I pledge myself to sell
as low as any house in the United States.

☞Terms Cash.

John D.M'Murray, ,
Iron Railing Manufactory,
Corner Of Third And Pine Streets,
Continue to manufacture at the above establishment, all kinds
of Plain and Ornamental Iron Railing, Balconies, Bank and
Jail Doors, Book Safes, Fire Vaults, Iron Window Shutters,
Iron Awnings, Lightning Rods, Bedsteads, Gratings, and in
fact, any thing which can be formed of Iron.

J. Bigelow & Co'S
Great Western Wholesale
Clothing Emporium,
Nos. 124 And 126,
South-West Oorner Second & Vine Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Manufacturing Depot, No. 51 Cedar Street, New York.

Nelson & Co.Company