Morrison's St. Louis directory
St. Louis Directory. 109 HAR-HAR
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Harney, William Gen.resresidence 17 Fourth.
Harney, Thomas, atty. , Pine, bnbetween Second and Third, resresidence City
Harney, Patrick, pork packer , resresidence wt Second, bnbetween O'Fallon and
Harper, Joel G.resresidence Thirteenth, bnbetween Pine and Chestnut.
Harper, William, tin shop. Levee, bnbetween Chesnut and Market.
Harral, Sterling & , wholesale saddlery warehouse, 121 Main,
bnbetween Locust nnd Vine.
Harral, Henry C. (H.S. & ) 121 nnorth Main.
Harrington & McCreight , painters , 62 Locust, bnbetween Second and
Harrington, Charles, (H & McC. ), resresidence 62 Locust.
Harrington, George, (Taylor & ,) importer and dealer in wines,
liquors, &c., 77 nnorth Levee, resresidence wswest-side Seventh, bnbetween Locust and St.
Harris, Clarence V., resresidence Scott's Hotel.
Harris, Charles C., clerk , 70 nnorth Levee.
Harris, Oliver, steam boat Cupt. , resresidence 128 Fifth, bnbetween Cerre and Pop-
Harris, Thomas, millinery &c., 102 Morgan, bnbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Harris, John M., bricklayer , resresidence nsnorth-side Chesnut, near Thirteenth.
Harris, James, barber , resresidence sssouth-side Chesnut, bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Harris, KateMrs., dress maker , resresidence nsnorth-side Market, bnbetween Fifth and
Harrison, James C,clerk . (Crow. McCreery & ,) 71 nnorth Main.
Harrison, Samuel A., clerk , 122 Second, bnbetween Vine and Washing-
ton avavenue .
Harrison, James, [Chauteau, H. & Valle ,] "Iron Mountain ,"
iron store, 129 Second, bnbetween Wasbinglon avavenue and Vine, resresidence Cor
Eighth and Gratiot.
Harrison, Miss, assistant teacher , Chambers Street School.
Harrison, James, M.D. , resresidence sssouth-side Market, bnbetween Eighth and Niotb.
Harrison, Charles, engineer , resresidence wswest-side Tenth, bnbetween Market and Clark
avavenue .
Harrison, Joseph, huckster , resresidence eseast-side Eleventh, bnbetween Warren and
Harrison, Amos A., carpenter , resresidence eseast-side Second, bnbetween Ashley and
Harsant, Thomas, carpenter , nsnorth-side Washington avavenue , bnbetween Tenth and
Harshaw, ZaidaMrs., nsnorth-side Ninth, bnbetween Wash and Carr.
Hart, John Q., [Brown, Thatch Av H. ,] 166 nnorth Main, resresidence Virginia
Hart, E. S., forw'dcom.commission merch.merchant and wholesale, foreign and dom.
liquors, 90 nnorth Levee.
Hart and Harvey , stoves, tin ware, &c., 51 Second, bnbetween Pine and
Han, George, [H. & H. ] 51 nnorth Second.
Hart, O. A., architect , corcorner Fourth and Olive, resresidence nsnorth-side St. Chariot, bnbetween
Sixth and Seventh.