Morrison's St. Louis directory
150 St. Louis Directory. LEE-LEP
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Lee, Alexander, stone contractor , resresidence so Wash, bnbetween Ninth & Tenth.
Lee, Willliam A., (Lalle & L.) carpenters , P.O. alley, bnbetween Market
and Chesnut.
Lee, PalegiaMrs., resresidence secorcorner Main and Poplar.
Leffingwell, and Elliott, , real estate agents , office 123 Chenut, bnbetween
Fourth and Fifth.
Leffingwell, Hiram W., (L. & E.) resresidence nsnorth-side Olive, ba Eighth and
Leftuick, William, engineer , resresidence sssouth-side Gay, bnbetween Thirteenth and Four-
Legg, Matthew, merchant tailor , nsnorth-side Olive, bnbetween Second and Main, resresidence
nsnorth-side Chesnut, bnbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth.
Leibold, Bernard, golden lion, 59 Second, bnbetween Elm and Myrtle.
Leich, Peter, tailor , resresidence 368 Fifth, bnbetween Park avavenue and Rutger.
Leigh, Charles B., clerk , 52 Market, resresidence Scott's Hotel.
Leier, Wendlin, eoffe house, ea Carondelet nvbnbetween Marion & Harry.
Leinhart, Hoellersmyth. plasterer , eseast-side Sixth, bnbetween Hickory & Runtger.
Leinhart, John, locksmith , eseast-side Sixth, bnbetween Hickory and Rutger.
Leitch Alexander & , apothecaries and druggists , secorcorner Ol-
ive and Seventh, and swsouthwest corcorner Market and Fifth.
Leitch, Alexander, (A.L. & ) resresidence nsnorth-side Olive, bnbetween Tenth and
Leitner, F. J., brush-maker , eseast-side Seventh, bnbetween Marion and Barry.
Leisser, John F.. Foundry Hall coffee house, eseast-side Broadway, bnbetween
Wash and Carr.
Leman & Reilty , coffee house, secorcorner Fourth and Walnut.
Lemcke, Louis, clerk , 173 nnorth Main.
Lemoine, E. S., M.D. , office secorcorner Fifth and Pine.
Lemon, Andrew, sawyer , resresidence nsnorth-side Benton, bnbetween Second and Broadway.
Lemon, Robert F., carpenter , resresidence sssouth-side Morgan, bnbetween Twelfth and
Lemp, Adam, brewery , 37 Second, ba Walnut and Elm.
Lemphers, Bernard, resresidence eseast-side Seventh, bnbetween Hickory and Rutger.
Lenck, John, tailor , 25 Walnut, bnbetween Second and Main, resresidence nsnorth-side Main,
bnbetween Myrtle and Spruce.
Lennon, George W., carpenter , resresidence sssouth-side Gratiot, bnbetween Sixteenth and
Lenter, Samuel, laborer , resresidence sa Hickory, ba Sixth an Seventh.
Lentz, A., porter , F. Dings & , 47 nnorth Main.
Leonard, Newton, printer . Intelligencer Office, 86 nnorth Third.
Leoahardt & Schuricht , Saxony Mia, sssouth-side Lombard, bnbetween Third and
Leonhardt, Ernst, (L. & S.) resresidence wswest-side Third, bnbetween Convent & Rutger.
Leonhardt, William, harness-maker , nsnorth-side Franklin av,ba Fifth and
Leoy, Michael, trader , wswest-side Seventh, bnbetween Barry & Marion.
Lepere, Francis, grocer , secorcorner Seventh and Franklin avavenue .
Lepere, Leo. tin & iron ware, nsnorth-side Franklin av,bnbetween Fifth & Sixth.
Le Point, ElizabethMrs., resresidence nenortheast corcorner Second and Mulberry.