Morrison's St. Louis directory
168 St. Louis Directory. MAR-MAR
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Marby, Reason, mate , res ws Second, bnbetween ashley and O’Fallon
March, Henry, drayman , resalley, bnbetween Biddle and Carr, bnbetween Seven-
teenth and Eighteenth.
Marcho, Peter, finisher , res ws DeKalb, bnbetween Lafayette and Soulard.
Marine Railway & DeKalb , office 68 nnorth Levee, corcorner Howard and
Marine, Josiah, [Salmerman & M. ] lath mill. corcorner Main and Cham-bers, resresidence es Second, bnbetween Mullanphy and Howard.
Marine Insurance of St. Louis, office nw cornorthwest corner Locust and
Main, ups, D. House.
Markham, William H., clerk , [Shapleigh, Day & ] 119 nnorth Main,
resresidence Monroe House.
Marks, henry, millinery , ne cornortheast corner Franklin avavenue and Sixth.
Markweth, Ferdinand, laborer , reses Laville, bnbetween Choulteau avavenue and
Marlow, Charles, cabinet marker , nw cornorthwest corner Main and Jefferson, res ns Jefferson, bnbetween Main and Second.
Marqueard, john H., merch.merchant , resresidence nw cornorthwest corner Brooklyn and Ninth.
Marrquis, David J., carpenter , res ns Mound, bnbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Marsbude, Gethpan, grocery and res ws Broadway, bnbetween Hempsted
and Labeaume.
Marschall, Georage J., cap maker , 61 Second, bnbetween Elm and Myrtle,
res ns Main, bnbetween elm and Myrtele.
Marsh, George, watchman , sugar refinery , res ns Howard, bnbetween
Main and Second.
Marsh, Henry, trader , reses Twefth, bnbetween Pine and Chesnut.
Marsh, Calvin W., clerk , ne cornortheast corner Commercial and chesnut, resresidence es
Twelfthm bnbetween Pine and Chesnut.
MarshallA., M. D., off. es Fourth. bnbetween Green and Wash nv.
Marshall, Adam, barber , reses Carondelet av, bn Miller and Woods.
Marshall, Louisa Mrs., resresidence 70 Myrtle, bnbetween Second and Third.
Marshall, George, atty , off nw cor Main and Olive, res ws Fourth,
bnbetween Elm and Myrtle.
Marsmann, Barney, blacksmith , Broadway, bnbetween Wash and Carr, res
ns Montgomery, bnbetween broadway and Ninth.
Marston, Thomas Jr., clerk , 33 nnorth Levee.
Marstone, Thomas, teamster , reses Eleventyh, bnbetween Madison and Jef-
MarthenHenry C., M. D., office 121 Olive, bnbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Martens, Carl, tailor , res s Third, near Almond.
Martin, Herman, wagon maker , wswest-side Fifteenth, bnbetween Franklin avavenue and
Martin, John, bricklayer , res ws Twelfth, bnbetween Wash and Carr.
Martin, William, sawyer , res ns Warren, bnbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Martin, Charles, gardiner , res ss Hickory, bnbetween Fifth and Seventh.
Martin, Christophher, brewer , res ns Park av, bn Fulton and Deca-
martinMeredith, M. D., office and resresidence ne cornortheast corner Walnut & Fourth.
Martin, George W., printer , 86 nnorth Third, res ss Morgan, bnbetween Thir-
teenth and Fourteenth.