Morrison's St. Louis directory
St. Louis Directory. 279 WIL-WIN
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Wilshusen, Cleaus, coffee house and reses Main, bnbetween Bates and
Wilshusen, , grocery and coffee house , wswest-side Christy av, bn Eigh-
teenth and Nineteenth.
Wilson, William, grocer . nsnorth-side Morgan, bnbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Wilson, James, produce dealer , 11 nnorth Levee, entrance se corsoutheast corner Com-
mercial and Chesnut, res ws Fifteenth, bnbetween Market & Clark av.avenue
Wilson, Robert M., clerk , 25 nnorth Levee, res ws Collins, near Biddle.
Wilson & Bro. , wholesale hardware and cutlery , se corsoutheast corner Main and
Olive. [See card, page 7.]
Wilson, William K., [W. & Bro.] res ss Myrtle, bnbetween Fourth and
Wilson, Samuel K., [W. & Bro.] res ss Myrtle, bnbetween Fourth and
Wilson, Lafayette, [W. & Bro.] res ss Myrtle, bnbetween Fourth and
Wilson, Charles, pork packer , res ns Harrison, bnbetween Second and
Wilson, William K., [Bolton & W.] resresidence 222 sixth, bnbetween Wash and
Wilson, J. W., telegrapher , Wade’s line, office 21 Olive, bnbetween Sec-
ond and Main.
Wilson, R. T., merchant , 196 nnorth Fourth.
Wilson, John D., resse corsoutheast corner Eleventh and Pine.
Wilson, Nathaniel, res ns Poplar, near corcorner Fifth.
Wilson, Elizabeth J. Mrs., res ss Pine, hn Fifteenth & Sixteenth.
Wilson, Philip, carpenter and builder , near corcorner Sixteenth and
Morgan resresidence 122 Fifth, corcorner Wash.Washington
Wilson, Edward, bricklayer , res ns Biddle, bnbetween Thirteenth and
Wilson, John, moulder , res ss Biddle, bnbetween Thirteenth and Four-
Wilson, Henry, clerk ,[Auld & Bros.] nw cornorthwest corner Third and Wash-
ington av.avenue
Wilson, John, coffee house , and reses Broadway, bnbetween Benton and
Wilson, John C., marble yard , 91 93, 95 Washington av, bn
Fourth and Fifth, res ns Brooklyn, bnbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Wilt, —, cooper , res ss Second, bnbetween O’Fallon and Bates.
Wimer, John M., res ws Thirteenthm bnbetween Brooklyn and Howard.
Wimer, Alexander, deputy const. , res ns St. Charles, bnbetween Eightgh
and Ninth.
Windley, Robert, grocery and resresidence nw cornorthwest corner Thirteenth & O’Fallon.
Wineland, Andrew, steamboat capt. , res ss Franklin av, bn Sixth
and Seventh.
Wing, Henry, laborer , res ss Ann, bnbetween Jackson and Levee.
Winkelmeyer, Julius, Unin Brewery , sssouth-side Market, bnbetween Seventeenth
and Eighteenth.
Winkelmeyer, Gerhard, wangon maker , shop and res ss Brooklyn,
bnbetween Ninth and Broadway.
Winn, Christian, carpenter , res ss Clark av, bn Seventh & Eighth.
Winn, John, auctioneer , res ws Thirteenth, bnbetween wash and Carr.