Morrison's St. Louis directory
286 St. Louis Directory. YOU-ZIM
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Young Brothers , wholesale clothing , se corsoutheast corner Main and Washington
Young, William, [Young Brothers,] ne cornortheast corner Main and Washing-
ton av.avenue
Young, Aleander, clk [Y. Brothers,] ne cornortheast corner Main and Washing-
ton av.avenue
Young, John H., res ns St. Charles, bnbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Young, William S., clothing store , reses Eleventh, bnbetween Market and
Young, Charles, contractor , reses Carondelet av, bn Anna and
Yong, Michael, laborer , res ss Christy av, bn Sixteenth & Seven-
Young Ladies’ French Academy , LettitiaVoullaire, , teacher , sssouth-side
Elm, bnbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Young, Samuel, undertaker and res ws Fifth, bnbetween Franklin avavenue and
Young, Peter, laborer , resse corsoutheast corner Park avavenue and Buel.
Yoxall, John, clerk , sw corsouthwest corner Main and Green, resresidence es Eighth, bnbetween
Washington avavenue and Green.
Zabf, John, tailor , sw corsouthwest corner Chambers and Ninth.
Zallee, John C., [J. G. Shelton & ,] merch.merchant tailor , 22 Olive, bnbetween
Main and Second.
Zander, Joseph, machinist , sssouth-side Sidney, bnbetween Jackson and Levee.
Zanett, Henry, shoemaker , se corsoutheast corner Emmet and Menard.
Zeamon, Frederick, cabinet maker , shop and resresidence rear 112 Almond.
Zeis, Adam, tailor , eseast-side Jackson, bnbetween Soulard and Lafayette.
Zeistoff, Philip, beer house , 69 Second, bnbetween Myrtle and Spruce.
Zelcar, Henry, blacksmith , resse corsoutheast corner Hazel and Fourth.
Zeppenfeld, William, cabinet maker , sssouth-side Park av, bn Menard and
Zeroff, Henry, carpenter , resse corsoutheast corner Jackson and Barry.
Zickgraf, G. P., 206 Market, ben Eighth and Ninth.
Zieger, Michael, grocery and ressw corsouthwest corner Carondelet and Marion.
Ziegler & Maendlen , German goods, cigars, tobacco, snuff, &c. , 19
Chesnut, bnbetween Second and Main.
Ziegler, Conrad, (Ziegler & Maendlen,) 19 Chesnut, bnbetween Second
and Main.
Zierlein, H. L., ink and mustard manufacturer , 209 ssouth Second, bnbetween
Cedar and Mulberry.
Zil, William, barber, shop and resresidence Market, bnbetween Fourteenth and
Zimmer, Joseph, coffee house , sssouth-side Market, bnbetween Sixteenth and Sev-
Zimmerman, John, boot maker , wswest-side Decatur, bnbetween Marion and
Zimmerman, Jacob, baker , sssouth-side Morgan, bnbetween Twenty-second and