Morrison's St. Louis directory
St. Louis Directory, 35 BRO-BUC
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Brown, Thomas B., clerk P.O., resresidence eseast-side Eighth, bnbetween Pine and Olive.
Brown, James H., clerk P.O., resresidence 5 Pine, bnbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Brownlee, Homer & , wholesale dry goods, 85 Main.
Brownlee, John A., [Brownlee, Homer & ] , resresidence secorcorner Seventh
and Walnut.
Brownlee, David C., clerk , [Browlee, Homer & ] , 85 nnorth Main.
Brua, George B., county assessor , 77 a Seventh, bnbetween Spruce and
Bucher, Henry, laborer , resresidence sssouth-side Eighth, bnbetween Marion and Carroll.
Bruckors, J., grocer , swsouthwest corcorner Second and Poplar.
Bruchner, Jacob, jeweller , eseast-side Fifth, bnbetween Rutger and Convent.
Bruder, Joseph, laborer , resresidence eseast-side Rosatti, bnbetween Lafayette and Soulard.
Bruhi, Anson, trunk maker , resresidence 214 ssouth Second, bnbetween Mulberry and
Bruggin, John B., laborer , resresidence wswest-side Ninth, bnbetween O'Fallen and Cass avavenue .
Bruegaerhof, F. R., boarding house, sssouth-side Walnut, bnbetween Second and
Brugh, John, beer and boarding house, 90 ssouth Main, bnbetween Spruce and
Brukmeyer, Henry, drayman , resresidence nwnorthwest corcorner Carroll and Columbus.
Brunet, Joseph, gunsmith and truss maker , 64 Myrtle, bnbetween Second
and Third.
Brungard, Andrew, cupper, leecher and barber , 43 Olive bnbetween Sec-
ond and Main.
Brnnis, Henry, teamster , resresidence sssouth-side Hickory, bnbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Brunjer, Frederick E., clerk , 71 Market.
Brunold, Peter, bricklayer , resresidence eseast-side Park avavenue , bnbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Brust, Richard, grocer , eseast-side Main, bnbetween Smith & Mason.
Bruwer, H. W.grocer , swsouthwest corcorner Ninth and Biddle.
Bryan, Thomas W., steamboat captain, resresidence 149 nnorth Third, bnbetween Wash-
ington avavenue and Green.
Bryan & Miltenberger , dealers in iron, nails, steel, &c., 54 nnorth
Bryan, James A., [Bryan & Miltenberger] , resresidence Planters' House.
Bryan, Samuel, clerk , [Bryan & Miltenberger] , 54 nnorth Levee.
Bryan, Henry, clerk , [Bryan & Miltenberger] , 54 nnorth Levee.
Bryan & Gibson , lumber merchant , wswest-side Broadway, bnbetween O'Fallon
and Cass avavenue .
Buchanan, Robert, carpenter , resresidence nsnorth-side Christy avavenue bnbetween Twelfth and
Buchanan, George, wholesale grocer , Second, bnbetween Washington Av
and Green, resresidence wswest-side Sixth bnbetween Morgan and Franklin Av.
Buchanan, John, merchant , eseast-side Fifth, bnbetween Rutger and Convent.
Buchanan, George, carpenter , resresidence nsnorth-side Carroll bnbetween Jackson and Car-
ondelet Av.
Bucher, Henry, laborer , resresidence eseast-side Fulton, bnbetween Marion and Carroll.
Bucher, John, cabinet maker , sssouth-side Cerre, bnbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Buchner, Casper, cigar maker , sssouth-side Market, bnbetween Nineteenth and
Buck, Charles F., clerk (Shapleigh, Day & ,) 119 nnorth Main.