Morrison's St. Louis directory
St. Louis Directory. 73 DUR-DYS
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Durant, Nicholas, tailor , resresidence eseast-side Fourth, bnbetween Convent end Hazel.
Durdy, William, clerk , resresidence nsnorth-side Chambers, bnbetween Second and Broad-
Durham, James S., resresidence 166 Fifth, bnbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Durham, Thomasresresidence nsnorth-side Chouteau avavenue , bnbetween Sixth and Seventh.
During, MaryMrs.resresidence 6 Elm, bnbetween Second nnd Third.
Durkan, John, English and classical high school, nenortheast corcorner Third and
Pine, resresidence eseast-side Eleventh, bnbetween St. Charles nnd Locurt.
Darken, Robert W., clerk Intelligencer office, 86 nnorth Third.
Durocher, Edward A., "La Bourse" colfee house, secorcorner Third and
Dusenbury, Absalom T., M.D. , nsnorth-side Christy avavenue , bnbetween Seventeenth &
Dusenbury, Henry, attorney , nsnorth-side Christy avavenue , bnbetween Seventeenth and
Duster, Joseph L., printer , 86 Third, bnbetween Locust and Olive.
Dutcher, T. B., forw. and com.commission merch.merchant , 38 nnorth Levee and 76 Com-
mercial, resresidence wswest-side Fifth, bnbetween Locust and St. Charles.
Dutcher, J. W,, clerk , 3 nnorth Levee ups.resresidence wswest-side Fifth bnbetween Locust
and St. Charles.
Dutcher, C. O., clerk , 38 nnorth Levee upsupstairs , resresidence wswest-side Fifih, bnbetween Locnst and
St. hailee.
Dulre, George W., bricklayer , resresidence wswest-side Collins, bnbetween Ashley and
Dutre, Ezckiel, cooper , resresidence nsnorth-side Howard, bnbetween Locust nnd Main.
Dutson, John W., locksmith , resresidence 43 Seventh near corcorner Pine.
Duty, William P., clerk , [Lewis & Bros. ] nenortheast corcorner Third and Wash-
ington avavenue .
Duval, Henry, paver , resresidence nsnorth-side Sprnee, bnbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Duwche, MaryMrs., sssouth-side Greeu bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Dwyer, William, steamboat agent , 17 Commercial, bnbetween Vine and
Washington avavenue , resresidence wswest-side Tenth, bnbetween Market and Clark ev.
Dwyer, WilliamSr., dealer iu leaf tobacco , wswest-side Tenth, bnbetween Market
and Clarke avavenue .
Dwyer, John, coffice house and resresidence socorcorner Green and Fifth.
Dwyer, Jeremiah, drayman , resresidence nsnorth-side Orange, bnbetween TwelfJt and Thir-
Dwyer, William, drayman , resresidence alley, bnbetween Franklin nv and Gay and
bnbetween Eleventh and Twelfth.
Dye, William, laborer , sssouth-side Orange, bnbetween Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
Dyer, William, grocery , secorcorner Market and Fourteenth,
Dyer, T. B.,com.commission and storage 45 Commercial, bnbetween Pine and Olive,
resresidence 88 Locust, bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Dyson, Abraham, pork packer , resresidence nwnorthwest corcorner Jackson and Wood.