Morrison's St. Louis directory
80 St. Louis Directory. FAA-FAR
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Faaty, Henry, carman , reanwnorthwest corcorner Rutger and Third.
Faber, Charles, beer house, 98 Morran, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Fach, Theodore, pedlar , resresidence nsnorth-side Morgan, bnbetween Seventeenth and
Fach, Charles, turner , resresidence 150 Second, bnbetween Plum and Cedar.
Fackler, William H., collector , resresidence wswest-side Tenth, bnbetween Montgomery &
Fade, Jacob, laborer , resresidence nsnorth-side Lafayette, bnbetween Menard and Rossatti.
Faely, James D., clerk , 122 Main.
Fagan, Thomas, laborer , resresidence 60 Cedar, bnbetween Second and Third.
Fagin, MaryMrs., fruit store. 117 Fourth, bnbetween Olive and Locust.
Fagin, Aaron W., commission merchant , 20 Olive, bnbetween Second and
Main upsupstairs .
Fairbridge & , Missouri foundry , nwnorthwest corcorner Eighth and Clark avavenue .
Fairbridge, Thomas, moulder , wswest-side Fourteenth, bnbetween O'Fallon and
Cass avavenue .
Fairchild, Samuel, shoemaker , resresidence 74 Spruce, bnbetween Second and
Fairchild, Peter, clerk , 132 nnorth Main.
Faldmann, John M., grocery and resresidence swsouthwest corcorner Decator and Carroll.
Falkenheiner, G., store store. 204 Market, bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Faller, A., attorney , olhco and resresidence wswest-side Second, bnbetween Convent At Wood.
Falhs, DauciusMrs., resresidence nenortheast corcorner Second and Lombard.
Fallon & Wright , carriage manufactory, 90 and 92 nnorth Fifth, bnbetween
St. Charles and Locust. See card page 25.
Fallon, Wesley, (F & Wright.) resresidence Scotts hotel.
Fallon, Michael, resresidence wswest-side Seventh, bnbetween Myrtle and Spruce.
Fallon, Michael, carpenter , resresidence eseast-side Fourteenth, bnbetween Spruce and
Clark avavenue .
Fallon, P. J., book store, 8 Fourth, bnbetween Market and Walnut.
Falls, John, flour and feed store, 320 Market, bnbetween Thirteenth and
Fourteenth, resresidence nsnorth-side Centre, bnbetween Market and Clark avavenue .
Falls, Stephen D., clerk , 189 and 191 nnorth Main, resresidence Virginia hotel.
Falstead, ElizabethMrs., resresidence wswest-side Third, bnbetween Convant and Wood.
Fangman, Dearerch, carpenter , resresidence eseast-side Eleventh, bnbetween Chambers and
Fanner, Peter, chicken dealer , resresidence nsnorth-side Spruce, bnbetween Main and Front.
Fanning, Samuel C., bout carpenter , resresidence sssouth-side Olive, bnbetween Fifteenth and
Farefawl, Hector, engineer , nsnorth-side Thirteenth, bnbetween Market and
Clark avavenue .
Faris, Calvin, clerk , 3 Commercial near Vine.
Faris, MaryMrs., resresidence Christy avavenue near Twentieth.
Farley, Matthew, miller . 130 ssouth Second, bnbetween Almond and Poplar.
Farlev, MaryMrs., dress maker , 130 Second, bnbetween Almond and
Farley, Peter, resresidence 153 Market, bakery swsouthwest corcorner Seventh aad Mar-