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viii Business Cards.
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Shirt Manufactory,
And Gentlemen’s Furnishing Store ,
No. 47 Fourth St., Opposite the Planters’ House.

Where may be had at all times, the very best Shirts, Under-Shirts, Drawers,
Stocks, Scarfs, Cravats, Gloves, Half-House, &c., together with every article
usually kept in a Gents’ Furnishing Store. Particular attention will be paid to the
Manufacture Of Shirts "To Order,"
A fit guarantied, and due regard paid to punctuality and dispatch.

Having adopted the system of doing business strictly for Cash, we will be en-
abled to offer Goods in our line at greatly reduced prices, and to manufactgure our
Shirts, Drawers, Collars, &c., better and with more promptitude than any other
House in the Western Country.

The public are invited to call, and we will use our very best efforts to please,
by selling at the very lowest prices for Cash, at
No. 47 Northy Fourth Street, Opposite The Planters House.

J. A.Eddy, . J. A.Jameson, . J. P.Eddy, .
Eddy, Jameson & ,
Wholesale Dealers In
French, German & Domestic
Dry Goods ,
151 Main St., St. Louis, Mo.

142 R. E. & W. H. Auld , 150.
Fancy And Staple
Dry Goods ,
Nos. 142 & 150 Third St., Brant’s Row,
St. Louis, Mo.

N.B.--You are respectfully invited to call before purchasing elsewhere.