Morrison's St. Louis directory
xiv Business Cards.
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Wm.William H.Harlow’s, ,
St. Louis Furniture Store ,
Nos. 86 & 88 Second Street,
Bet. Olive & Locust, St. Louis, Mo.

Most Fashionable Furniture of every variety manufactured to order.

St. Louis Chair Manufactory.
125 Second st., betw. Vine & washington av.avenue ,
Where Can Be Found, All Kinds Of
Wood Seat Chairs, of St. Louis Manufacture.

Steamboats, Hotels & country Merchants,
Would do well to ca’l before purchasing elsewhere.

Back Shop on the corner of Seventh & Wash sts.

ThomasKeyes, .

Bird & Armstrong ,
Cane and Wood Seat Chair Manufacturers ,
S. W. Corner Of Vine & Second Sts., Up Stairs, St. Louis.

Wholesale and Retail dealers in Chairs are respectfully in-
formed that we will keep constantly on hand, a large and general
assortment of Cane and Wood Seat Chairs, of our own manufac-
ture, which we will sell to the trade on the most liberal terms,
and warrant them to be unsurpassed in beauty of style or finish.
Having large manufacturing facilities, we can offer to purchasers
such inducements as will insure general satisfaction.

Steamboats, Halls and Hotels furnished at the shortest notice.

CharlesBoswell, ,
(Late Morrison & Bswell, ,)
Lumber Merchant ,
corner of Second and Walnut streets
St. Louis, Mo.

A general assortment of
Plank, Boards, Joist, Scantling, Shingles,
Weather-Boarding, Laths, Worked-Flooring, Window-Sash, &c.,
Constantly on hand.