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The Morning Signal,
Published every morning, (Sunday excepted,) by
Macdonald, Libby, Gonter & ,
At No. 50 Noth Third street.

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The Signal will be independent on all subjects; and, in addition to a
full digest of all the local, foreign and domestic news of the day, its contents
will embracethe best original and selected tales; choice poetry, humorous anec-
dote, &c.; editorial articles, written with ability, upon every subject of impor-
tance; agricultural information; a carefully prepared review of the market—
is short, embodying everthing of interest in every department.

The Signal has the largest circulation, with but one exception, of any
paper in the West. Its size, appearance, and extensive circulation,
among all classes, renders it the
Best Advertising Medium In The City.

The "Weekly Signal," a family paper, is published at the
same place, every Friday, at the low price of
One Dollar Per Year, In Advance.

Evening Dispatch,
Office, 83 Chesnut st., up-stairs,
St. Louis, Missouri.


Daily Evening Dispatch,
Five Dollars per year.

Tri-Weekly Dispatch,
Two Dollars and Fifty Cents per year.

Weekly Organ and Reveille,
One Dollar per year.