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Commerical College ,
Of St. Louis, Missouri.

Incorporated By the General Assembly, January 24th, 1849, with Full Authorithy

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"To grant Diplomas, award Degrees, confer Honors, and Exercise all
and Singular trhe Privileges common to Commercial Colleges, authorized by
law in other States, -Charter, Section 2.

A Full Course of Instruction In This Institution Embraces
Double Entry Book-Keeping,
Commercial Calculations,
Commercial Law,

Gentlemen can enter for the Courses separately, and at any time, as
instruction is imparted individually, and not in classes; and each Depart-
ment is independent, and under the control of its respective Professor, who
alone is responsible for the progress of his Pupils.

Young gentlemen wishing to prepare themselves for business pursuits,
are respectfully invited to call during business hours and examine the mode of
imparting instruction, the progress of the pupils, and the superior facilities
extended to those desirous of qualifying themselves for the practical duties
at the Couting House. Personal reference given to above one hundred and
eighty (180) Practical Accountants now in charge of Books in this city, all
of whom have completed their business education in this Institution.

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N. B.—For Circulars containing information in regard to the terms,
the course of instruction, and all business connected with the above, call at the
Book-Keeping Department,
Corner Fourth And Chesnut Streets;
—0r Address—
"Jonathan Jones, St. Louis, Mo."