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Business Work
Illinois and Missouri
State Directory.

A Book for Every Business Man.

The undersigned, publisher of the
St. Louis Business Directory,
Is about to commence a work with the above title, and begs to call
your attention to the following advertisement:

☞The Directory will contain the Name, Occupation, and post office addres of
all the principal business men in the States of Missouri and Illinois, comprising Mer-
chants, Manufacturers, Lawyers, Physicians, Dentists, Banking and Insurance Com-
panies, &c., &c. Also, Schools, Colleges, Academies, Hotels, Benevolent Institu-
tions, Public Works, &c., &c. Officers of the States, City and County Governments,
Courts, Post Mastery, &c., and a great variety of other useful information. The
whole carefully compiled from authentic sources, classified and alphabetically ar-
ranged; thereby making it, in all respects, a
Complete and Valuable Reference Book,
For all classes of business men in the community.

☞The sire of the work will be Royal Octavo, 600 pages. Subscription price, $3,
payable on delivery. A portion of the work will be set apart for
Business Cards and Advertisements.

As this work will have a general circulation in every county, city,
and town, in the two States of Missouri and Illinois, no better medium
can be offered for advertising than is here afforded to business men gene-
rally. Terms, $20 per page. No advertisement inserted for less than
$5, for one-fifth of a page.

Every effort will be made to have the work as complete as possible.
It will be ready for delivery by the middle of November, 1853. Ad-
vertisers must hand in their cards prior to the first of October, to insure


Wm.William L.Montague, .

St. Louis, Mo., August 1, 1853.